The Greys

The Greys

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Greys - Why They Look As They Do

Why do the alien greys look like they do?
Have you ever thought about it? What would make a species appear so out of proportion like the alien greys?

I have had several years to think about this. Having been taken by the greys and with having seen with my own eyes twice, I know for certain what they appear like.

I've wondered over the years what might cause such. 
Is it reasons within their body that make it so?
They have such very large heads with smaller bodies that are very skinny when put next to humans. 
Both the short greys at approximately 4 feet and the tall greys at approximately 6 feet are very skinny, both appear the same out of proportion to their heads.

Is it their brain, which may be capable of much more intelligence, and may be much more active, that causes such a “off balance in size” appearance?
They seem far more intelligent than humans. Could they actually have a larger brain that would “naturally” cause them to have a very large skull and considerably thinner jaw area?

After tossing it around for years and having only been able to think and compare to humans. I did discover what could be, a very likely reason for the extraterrestrial greys to appear as they do.

One thing that we can only guess is, where do the greys come from and what is the planet like that they originate from.

After looking at everything over and over, that I know, I came to a conclusion that they may appear so “out of proportion” due to their home world. 
I'll explain.
Water pressure can cause appearance change with the human head and body, The change is striking similar to what the greys appear like.

What I am presenting may be very close to the truth. We have no way to determine facts unless we have an alien that would allow to be studied. The odds are it would have to be a dead alien for that to actually happen and we all know that "Area51" would never allow such.

I cannot say how the human body in whole would react to atmospheric pressure but according to a display, it shows how a human head and partial body would look under water pressure.

This image is what the human head appears like with surface pressure from Earth's atmosphere.
 At 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean the human head has changed drastically.
 At 6,000 feet, the human head has been manipulated by pressures to appear almost alien.
 The similarities between the greys and humans at this depth is very obvious

It is not that far off to consider that the alien greys may have originated from a planet that was very large and had high atmospheric pressure. Or their planet was made of liquid of sorts and they came to be in appearance due to the pressures thousands of feet below surface.

There is only one other idea that I have in regard to them appearing as they do.

As a fact , I know that they travel in crafts (UFOs) that can achieve instant speed at thousands of miles an hour from a virtual stand still. The crafts can do sharp turns and also stop instantly from speeds that are thousands of miles hour.

Considering their means of transport, I can also speculate that if not for their origin, then they may appear as they do simply because of space travel and pressures involved.

The G-force alone would crush any human. Yet these beings seem to make it part of their normal existence here as they comb our sky around the world at speed most cannot see.

For the greys being able to travel within our atmosphere at such impossible speeds leads me to believe they can travel much faster in the deep of space, without the friction found in atmospheres of other planets, like Earth. 

This video shows the speed of a craft (likely the greys) and how fast it can achieve such. I know such speed as true and real from my close encounters.

In conclusion: Whatever the exact reason, the greys likely have or had something to do with existing within high pressure. Whatever it was, caused them to look as they do

It may be an atmosphere or liquid pressure from their home world, or they could be an example of what spending too much time traveling through space at excessive speed, may do.

The world should be focusing on the reasons we are not alone and should be long past wondering if real.

There is a very good reason for this mass coverup and it has cost billions of dollars to keep it a subject of ridicule. The governments and the ones in power, would rather you do not know truth. They have their own selfish reasons.

Stay tuned...In an upcoming article will be sharing my thoughts on what everyone seems to be talking about, a “fake alien invasion”.
I will be discussing why it could happen and what needs to happen to make it a successful fear campaign, brought on by “the powers that be” and NWO.

I will be sharing a perspective that seems to come from only those, who have been taken


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Close To Death And A Grey Area In Hospital

It was a couple of years ago and it was an evening in February while I was at the lake working on the cabin with my buddy..that I had a very threatening accident.
While nearly completing the interior walls of the log cabin. I was using a grinder to take off the dead wood after 100 years of exposure. The dead gray wood was soon to be covered over by stain to bring back life to the old logs.

I was about 5 feet off the ground working, when by fluke chance my hair became caught in the grinder and in an instant there was a high speed impact to the side of my head by the grinder. My consciousness was instantly lost as I fell to the floor virtually head first and landing on my skull from a 5 foot drop.

I laid there unconscious and bleeding profusely from the impact regions of the head. I was barely breathing and making gurgling sounds. My best friend watched the entire episode unfold in a few quick seconds.

I was lucky to have such a good friend, who did not panic. He ran over and aggressively separated the grinder from the side of my head. He knew that I needed immediate medical assistance but there is very little to no cell phone service in the area. My friend knew that we had to go immediately as the floor started to pool with blood from my head.

We had a lot of snow at the time..and it was in the heart of winter. -25C is not uncommon.

Having time only to react, I was dragged outside by my friend. He made it to the truck and put me on the tailgate to give the added weight needed for traction to climb the snow covered hill that leads towards the trail to get off the property.

After one attempt at the hill and only making it partially up, my friend looked back to see that I was no longer there laying on the truck. He got out of the truck and went back toward the cabin, where I was now but barely standing. I had gained some consciousness and had taken myself off the truck tailgate and made way to the cabin where he now found me wanting my winter boots. It was very cold out and I had my boots come off while being dragged to the truck. ( I do want to point out that the impacts that knocked me unconscious took away virtually all awareness and I was now going on instinct and self preservation...without actual conscious awareness.)

My friend helped me out..and got me back to the truck...and we tried the hill again..with me laying in the box of the truck. We made it..but were stuck again with a kilometer to go, just to make it off the property, onto a dirt road. 

As strange as it was, my friend suddenly had cell phone reception, which shocked him. He took advantage by quickly phoning another friend nearby, for help.

Help was on the way but we soon became unstuck, and were able to get off the property and onto a gravel road.

I was now in the vehicle, bleeding everywhere and unconscious my buddy did all he could to get me to the local town hospital. I was then rushed to my hometown hospital, shortly after.

Up to this point I have no memories since just before the accident.

I became consciously aware a few days later as I woke up in my hometown hospital, in a bed with an IV feeding into my arm.

I knew where I was but I was not aware what had exactly happened. I did become more aware shortly after from the pain. I knew that I had been in an accident that was serious.

I discovered later that I had already received two CT scans since arriving at the hospital, during my days of unconsciousness.

It was very different for me. I do not normally turn for help from the medical field, but knew that I was in a position that I had no choice.

There were a couple nurses were very helpful towards me. One being a family member of my friend and the other originating from the lake area where I had been.
I was given solid food but it was inedible and so I requested oranges as the only food that I would eat.

I really do not know what had happened to this point, but it was obvious that something was not right.

I was not being fed properly and I know what healthy is, that is why I did request oranges. I listen to my body. It was just after that, some staff began to try to coax me into having flu vaccination shots. They said that I needed it and it was in my best interest.
I flat out refused as I was long aware of the negative effects that can occur from the toxins they call vaccines.

I finally got to meet the doctor that was in charge of looking after me while there. I thought it very strange that the name of the doctor was Dr. Grey but I did not make anything out of it at the time.

After becoming aware that I had already been taken in for two CT scans, I asked the doctor what the results were. 
It was right at that point in time is when I started to get stonewalled over what should have been important enough to tell me.
The doctor refused to give me any information whatsoever to my condition and to the results of the two CT scans.

I asked Dr. Grey why I was being refused information on my own condition and in turn I was flat out told “it was PRIVATE information”. My immediate reaction was “private”? “It's my much more PRIVATE does this need to be?”

Dr. Grey continued to stonewall me about my results and was still pushing me to get vaccination shots.. It was then..that I realized that it was not in my best interest to stay in the hospital.

I checked myself out, to the surprise of the staff. I am sure they all expected me to they left the bed open for me, days after I left.

I was scheduled for a third CT scan a few days later and I said I would return to have it done.

I made it home and immediately started to research head/brain injuries and came to the conclusion that there was only one option to healing a brain injury and that, it was sleep.
I slept 20 hours a day minimum during the first few days after checking myself out. I also kept with my diet of oranges.

After a few days, I did return for another CT scan. I went home immediately after the scan and continued to sleep for a minimum of 20 hours a day.

It was not 3 days after my latest CT scan, that I ended up at the brain specialist's office to find out the results to my third CT scan. I really should not have been up and walking around but I needed to know what was going on.

To my displeasure but no surprise, I was refused by the doctor when I spoke to reception, and I was also refused by the doctor of any recent information to the latest scan results.

It was like a bad dream..or a very bad movie and NONE of what was going on made any sense. I had gone in thinking that with it being the specialist whom I was coming into see and with him having the results of all three scans, then there would be no problem learning of the results and of the condition that my brain was in.

I was not about to just give up. I knew it was my actual life that was at stake. I spoke to certain staff at the hospital and I explained the entire situation, as I was aware.

It turned out that I was not the only one that was thrown back by what had all occurred till then for me.

My faith in humanity took a slight turn for the one of the medical staff went out of their way and leaked a copy the results over to me.

I am still very grateful as it was something that I needed to be aware of...I needed to know if I was on the right track for healing the brain. I needed to know something..ANYTHING! 
I had still be stonewalled till then and totally in the dark to what was going on.

I discovered from the results that I was on the right route by diet and above all by sleep. The three areas that were focused for my brain (the first of my knowledge) all had blood receding from the brain, which was what was needed to call it a continuing recovery.

I continued my healing..I am smart enough from my own research to understand the ONLY way a brain injury will heal is during sleep. I slept minimum of 20 hours a day for the next month and a half.

I recovered very well considering the extent of damage that had been done. I am truly lucky to be alive but now face many changes in life due to two senses not recovering to full, smell and taste will never be the same for me. I now taste the ingredients of the product and not the final taste outcome.
I am very aware of the almost toxic tastes to most of the manufactured food we are fed. The only things that have remained the same in flavor are some fruits/berries and a few vegetables. Nothing smells the same any longer. BUT I am lucky to taste or smell at all.

Looking at all of the things that were not right during my time under care of the medical field, I had to sit down..and really think about everything that had happened since becoming aware after the accident.

Starting at when I became fully aware and conscious days after the accident as I woke up in the hospital. Just before I opened my eyes for the first time, there was only one thought at the front of my mind. It was MIBs or more specifically my men in black abduction.

I feel the most likely reason that it was so predominate at that moment, was for one reason. While taken and rendered unconscious by the MIBs, things were done to me. Some of the same was, as I was being moved and focused on while in the hospital under care. I was tested..injected..moved prodded..etc.
Being moved and having things done to you while unconscious does not mean that you do not know what is going least not consciously.

Having all of that sitting right there in front of my mind to start..was an eery way to regain consciousness.

The next thing that sticks out is having a doctor by the name of “Dr. Grey”. It could be sheer coincidence but after having Grey keep up with the nondisclosure of my condition and the results of CTs, caused more concern for me.

I wondered why I was so kept in the dark. If I am consciously aware, it would be only fair to tell me of my condition and results from CT scans. 
Dr. Grey was very adamant that there was to be no information passed as it was “private” and “confidential” though the situation could not be any more personal with it being my own body.
(Friends and even close family, mother and father were not able to learn anything at all, about my condition. It was said to be "private")

Having been refused to been seen and to refused to have important information pass by the brain specialist, lead to even more suspicion.

Since being abducted by the greys and by MIBs, I am aware and pay attention to so much more around me. I know that I can sense them if near, before I even see them.
I also know that I likely have at least one or more implants in my body from my abductions that help to amplify that awareness.

I do think it is very possible that the one reason why I was not told any of the results of my CT scans or condition and I was stonewalled, is most likely due to whatever I have had done to me..or had placed inside my body during the alien abductions in the past.

There is always a hush that seems to spread when it comes to abductees that are found out in such places as hospitals. 
I know that I am not alone in how I was treated. There are other abductees in other countries all around the world that have also faced difficult situations when dealing with the medical field. I know from having talked to many.

When attempting to see the specialist after the third CT scan and being denied all prudent information, I knew for sure that something was not right and it seems to confirm my feelings.

The entire affair that transpired while being under medical care would have been too much to handle had I not been through so much in my life already with extraterrestrials.

I could not bring myself into harms way again. I had enough of that already and felt that my healing could not have been done better..other than on my own.

I would like everyone who reads this to be aware that when in your gut. I have yet to put full faith into anything and what happened to me is just one example as to why you should be aware and should be able to think for yourself. Putting your life into some ones hands is not always wise.

If you are an abductee that has been treated poorly and had information kept from you in the medical world or had other experiences with them. Please feel free to write to me..and we can talk about what you have gone through. I am always interested in when it comes to other abductees.

"The more I go through life...the more I see...nothing is.. as it is suppose to be." (taken by the greys)


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latest 2012: Orange Glowing UFO Shoots From Earth To Outer Atmosphere

Parkland Region Manitoba, Canada
Thursday September 27, 2012 , Approx 11:30 PM
1 Orange glowing UFO 
Conditions: Clear sky/ Almost full moon
No wind

I've been at my lake for two weeks and I just got back last night.  

It has been uneventful for close encounters with crafts this year for me. BUT I do take it as a little holiday from them.

It was Thursday September 27th at around 11:30 PM. I was at the lake..that I have been going to for the last ten the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

I came out of the cabin to enjoy the exceptionally warm night..and to look up at the stars.

The night was animals...and thankfully no more mosquitoes. The nearing full moon hung in the clear sky..but was not a factor to what I saw that night.

I looked over the lake..towards the south..and "just like that" a glowing orange UFO shot from what appeared very near ground level..and up to and what appeared out of Earth's atmosphere. It traveled at a speed that I can only compare to others, of that of meteorites that shoot across the sky in a fraction of a second.

It was unlike anything I have seen before.. It's speed from ground level was attain the speed it shot up from Earth at. (many thousand miles per hour)

I will remind you..I have seen crafts at close proximity with the same capability of instant speed. I have also had a close encounters with being orange..but none with all the same characteristics as what I was witness to, a couple nights ago.

The object/craft was at a distance..and I could not guess the actual distance. I know it was quite far. For me to be able to watch it shoot up..and to actually see how far and how fast..brought a chill and excitement to me. The UFO's size was not small at all. I could not however, distinguish the shape of it. It did not appear as fire..but it was glowing orange.

It all happened so fast..that even if I had my camera would not have likely picked it up at all.

It is so strange to witness at a distance the UFO shoot up with such speed, almost as strange as watching crafts from a close encounter perspective.

Monday, September 10, 2012

MIBs Men In Black Abduction Recall - Shared On Video

While at my lake..I was inclined to share my MIBs abduction which took place only 30 miles from the lake that I have been going to since 2002.. It is certianly not as detailed  for encounters as I have written out..but it is hard enough to share any abduction.

I will share more things in the near future and I will take you through what I am aware of through my abductions with the Greys.

For now..just a quick video run down of my MIBs encounter.

This so eerily close to what I experienced that night. (no disc that I am aware of). I am shocked that the artist was never taken by MIBs . 
On a side note: The original of this MIB rendition went missing from the artist James Neff's  possession..and has never surfaced again..Perhaps coincidence..or perhaps he was too close to truth and it was taken for that reason.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Alien Greys Underground Tunnel / Cave Investigation Continuing - August 2012

There is no real way to write an article on this cave. This whole time I have been trying to overcome what seems to be forces that haves kept me from entering the cave thus far.  

The ones who are aware of this tunnel  in the Parkland Region of Manitoba are still reluctant to take me to the entrance..I have tried for some time to get to the exact location of the entrance. I am aware of the broad location..but could end up lost in wilderness if I do not know where I am going.

Refreshing things a bit..I had experienced deep metal clanks followed by underground thuds..while up at my lake one summer. ( see link at bottom of article).

For the first year after learning of the cave, I was aware of only one man that is knowledgeable of the cave. 

For the last two years I have been very persistent and sincere in trying to find answers and bringing the truth out in regard to that and ET / UFO.

My efforts thus far have not taken me as far as expected..but..since first discovering the existence of this cave near-by, I have learned more which I will share..

To this past year..I have learned that there are a select few others that do know the exact location of the cave/tunnel entrance.  They all have been inside it..

The cave is meant to be kept a secret (no one was to have to known about it)..and it has been that way for a very long time, as most that live in the area are unaware of it.

Some facts and details that have come out during my investigation and from interviewing the select, who have entered the cave. 

The cave:

- has a height of approximately 5 feet, with narrow passages at times that are very tight to get through.

- has caverns and branches into smaller areas.

- runs several hundred of yards underground from the entrance. (no one has been to the end yet).

- is made up of large rocks, clay and dirt (in the first 100 yards of the cave)

- has markings and carvings that can be found on the walls within the first 100 yards after entering the tunnel, (likely dating it back many generations)

It will take many miles of walking to get there is no other or easy way to approach the entrance.

I find myself digging for more strength..It would really be easy to walk away from all of this..if it were not for all my close encounters and abductions. The importance of that keeps me going..even with hurdle after hurdle..
It is not easy..None of this is..

I see this as something that should not be taken lightly and I certainly do not.
The people that are able to guide me there..are very apprehensive. I do respect them and I do understand..this is going to still take time..I will not give up my only intention, truth and knowledge.

Words mean nothing unless action is taken and that is what I have been doing.. and will continue.

I have been spending many days in the Parkland Region and will be there again very soon..still attempting to gain entrance into a very well kept secret cave. A secret that has been that way for hundreds..if not thousands of years.

Video still ahead.

Underground thuds and deep metal clanks are the alien greys underground?:


Saturday, July 21, 2012

White Cross Shaped UFO July 18, 2012 Parkland Region Manitoba - My latest UFO Sighting

I was up at my lake again in the Parkland Region, Manitoba..I have been spending lots of spring and summer up there and making the most of the sunshine and heat.

It was just a few days ago that I was near a friends place, about 5 miles east of the lake. The same area where I was followed by a close UFO a few years ago.

It was 7:30pm Wednesday July 18, 2012. 
Mainly clear sky, no wind,  daylight

All my friends were occupied with work at that moment..I gave myself a break...and had walked away to try to get away from the heat..I stopped and looked up to the sky.  There were a few small clouds..but it was mostly a blue sky.

Just off to my North-East and at an altitude of approximately 30 to 40 thousand feet, was a white craft that appeared as a cross. It was traveling in a South-West direction.

My first natural reaction was a jet airliner but I very quickly realized it was not. 

There was no trail from it. The UFO appeared much larger than a jet-liner and my reaction was soon dismissed, as I noticed that the craft was not traveling like a plane or jet would. It's body was diagonal to the direction it traveled.

 I also noticed that it had larger ends to the craft than the rest of the body.

It was then that I realized that what I was watching...really wasn't an aircraft that we normally see.

The craft appeared in size as one would see of a lower flying air-plane but it was indeed at a much higher altitude.

I began to run to the truck..where I have my camera. It was about 20 feet away..From the speed of the soon would be out of distance, it was traveling at such fast rate ..I tried to watch the craft the whole time as I ran to get my camera

I got to the truck and got my camera out. I had to take my eyes away from the craft for 4 seconds. That was all it took..
With camera set and ready...I searched the sky with my naked eye...knowing that I had missed the UFOs departure. It was already out of sight. I knew that the speed did not allow me enough time.

I stood there..for a few more minutes..not sure if there would be something else.. There was nothing more..

I wrote down everything from the moment..and even drew a diagram..

I reproduced the diagram to make it more clear to what the UFO appeared as.

I was disappointed in failing to get video of it..but I am satisfied that having seen it in daylight..and without any distortion.. I did see very clearly what it appeared as. 

It could have easily been dismissed...but..all it took was a clear look up and the time to pay attention.

I do want to make note:

The craft which was high enough to be a jetliner was fairly silent compared to regular airliners. There was no sound from it at it passed..or after.

The diagram and the report is all I can share for this UFO sighting.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UFOs and Extraterrestrials - The Silent Truth

For years in our recent past, the topic of UFO and ET have been silenced by a government/media/religion/science/education induced ridicule of the subject.

The silence is becoming less, as the truth becomes more loud and obvious.

This post is more a visual for you to "take in".  

This is only but part of what has been shared to the masses via the Internet.  These images are part of the silent truth..

I cannot verify any of them..but I cannot just ignore the obvious facts..that we are not alone. I say that as fact, from my own close encounters and abductions.

These images of drawings, paintings, carvings and actual UFOs, represent hundreds..and thousands of years of Human history on Earth.

These first set of images depict events and the UFO / extraterrestrial presence on this planet. It is recorded from Human's somewhat not too distant past history on Earth.

These images in this next display are all Pre-Roswell crash photos.
UFOs - From 1900 to 1940

UFOs - 1940 to 1960

UFOs - 1960s

UFOs - 1970s

UFOs - 1980s

UFOs - 1990s

UFOs - 2000 to ongoing..

Crop Circles

I really cannot emphasize the importance to this truth of ET and UFO. I know how big this all is..and I know how important it should be, that we are aware.

There are so many people that claim matter of ET and UFO as fake..and non-existent. That number is starting to drop.

Governments, science, religion, all have stated these things are untrue. They are slowly changing their stance.

The visual proof continues to pour in onto the Internet from around the world. Not only have we pictures and videos, we have actual abductees that are sharing their experiences. 

I know from my own close encounters that it is only a matter of time until the truth is known by all, as it was meant since mankind began here.

Many people will continue to doubt until they see with their own eyes. I respect that from people. Experience is how we are to learn. Not by being told what is real..and what we are to "believe".

The best that can be done for now by people, is sharing the truth. 

That is why this blog is here. It is here for truth, for you.

As you continue your quest, discover my close encounters with UFOs and ET, with this link:
Part 1:  Taken by the greys - experiences



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