The Greys

The Greys

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cloaked Military or UFO? Ground Shaking Event! (Video) May 18th, 2013

I was at my lake in the Parkland Region of Manitoba for May long weekend. I had a very strange occurrence.

It was a very peaceful evening on Saturday night May 18th, 2013.  At 9:56 PM. things began, a minute after I had started to record.

I just happened to be video recording, more less for my own amusement. I do always have my camera on hand..just in case I have another encounter with a craft..

As I was narrating and talking of the area, I was more less just happy having the snow finally gone. 

Suddenly what sounded like jet air craft very quickly approached from the west..and was traveling east, just to the south of me at a speed that was too quick to be other than military.

I was standing on the north shore of the lake, looking south. As the craft quickly approached, I started to search the sky with my eyes..Suddenly the ground began to shake..I have never been in an earthquake but I am sure it would have felt like a tremor. 

I have never in my life experienced such a thing as I did a couple nights ago. 

I am aware of aircraft..both commercial and military. I know how a low fly by can cause the ground to vibrate or shake.. THAT was not the case.

This craft was not visible...The tone and volume should not have caused the vibration that did occur in the ground. 

As I was recording the sound..the camera view became the ground shook for the few seconds that it did.
As the cloaked craft quickly went past and was now east of made a quick bank left and started to very quickly head north.

It was soon gone..but..I did happen to be hear and experience the effects as it went past at a very fast speed.  To have the ground shake as it was..normally would require much more volume and low tone.

The entire thing only lasted a few seconds...maybe 10 or so..but..with the ground shaking..I was very you hear in the video...I was I has slight adrenaline going on. (I do apologize for the profanities)

I never have imagined such a cannot ignore what it may be.

Update! Tuesday May 28, 2013

It has been 10 days since the incident at the lake..and for 3 days now, I have been losing hair in clumps. When I first noticed a big clump of hair come out of my head, I tried to ignore it..and think nothing of it.
In the last three has been continuing and..I cannot ignore what is happening.

When the unseen craft went past me at the lake, I knew it was close but I could not see it and could not speculate. 
I did however wonder that evening, if there were effects from such a craft either military or alien. 

I know that a cloaked craft unseen, would have to be using some type of very strong energy that could have negative effects.

Tonight as I write this update, I am literally feeling the effects of whatever it was that I encountered.

I know that the greys have a disc craft that can induce effects on humans. When I had my mid afternoon close encounter during  August of 2002 at my lake, I ended up suffering from Loss of appetite, Teeth becoming loose and I had clumps of hair fall out of my head..just like I am experiencing now.

I am now starting to feel that whatever it was I encountered, was much closer than I had thought. 

From the effects, I cannot ignore what I have experienced with the greys before and seem to be experiencing again.

If more happens regarding this, I will be updating this article and keeping it as current as I can.

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  1. I have also seen a cloaked ship. Mine didn't sound like that. Mine was quiet.


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