The Greys

The Greys

Friday, August 10, 2012

Alien Greys Underground Tunnel / Cave Investigation Continuing - August 2012

There is no real way to write an article on this cave. This whole time I have been trying to overcome what seems to be forces that haves kept me from entering the cave thus far.  

The ones who are aware of this tunnel  in the Parkland Region of Manitoba are still reluctant to take me to the entrance..I have tried for some time to get to the exact location of the entrance. I am aware of the broad location..but could end up lost in wilderness if I do not know where I am going.

Refreshing things a bit..I had experienced deep metal clanks followed by underground thuds..while up at my lake one summer. ( see link at bottom of article).

For the first year after learning of the cave, I was aware of only one man that is knowledgeable of the cave. 

For the last two years I have been very persistent and sincere in trying to find answers and bringing the truth out in regard to that and ET / UFO.

My efforts thus far have not taken me as far as expected..but..since first discovering the existence of this cave near-by, I have learned more which I will share..

To this past year..I have learned that there are a select few others that do know the exact location of the cave/tunnel entrance.  They all have been inside it..

The cave is meant to be kept a secret (no one was to have to known about it)..and it has been that way for a very long time, as most that live in the area are unaware of it.

Some facts and details that have come out during my investigation and from interviewing the select, who have entered the cave. 

The cave:

- has a height of approximately 5 feet, with narrow passages at times that are very tight to get through.

- has caverns and branches into smaller areas.

- runs several hundred of yards underground from the entrance. (no one has been to the end yet).

- is made up of large rocks, clay and dirt (in the first 100 yards of the cave)

- has markings and carvings that can be found on the walls within the first 100 yards after entering the tunnel, (likely dating it back many generations)

It will take many miles of walking to get there is no other or easy way to approach the entrance.

I find myself digging for more strength..It would really be easy to walk away from all of this..if it were not for all my close encounters and abductions. The importance of that keeps me going..even with hurdle after hurdle..
It is not easy..None of this is..

I see this as something that should not be taken lightly and I certainly do not.
The people that are able to guide me there..are very apprehensive. I do respect them and I do understand..this is going to still take time..I will not give up my only intention, truth and knowledge.

Words mean nothing unless action is taken and that is what I have been doing.. and will continue.

I have been spending many days in the Parkland Region and will be there again very soon..still attempting to gain entrance into a very well kept secret cave. A secret that has been that way for hundreds..if not thousands of years.

Video still ahead.

Underground thuds and deep metal clanks are the alien greys underground?:


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