The Greys

The Greys

Monday, December 30, 2019

Navy Video - UFO Releasing Chemtrails Into Earth's Atmosphere.

This video which was taken by the Chilean Navy, shows a UFO /OVNI releasing chemicals into the air.

The UFO was recorded in November 2014, over the ports of San Antonio in the Valparaiso region.

It was recorded using an infrared high-definition camera.

The sighting was made by a crew of an Airbus Cougar AS-532. The camera operator had detected an "unknown" and it was flying at a constant speed in front of the helicopter.

Both pilot and camera man witnessed the event for over ten minutes.

They were still unsure what they were seeing and tried to communicate with the object using the radio. There was no response and radar was unable to spot the object.

Twice in the ten minute encounter the men witnessed the UFO released "chemicals" into the air.

To end the UFO sighting, the pilot and camera man lost sight of the craft in the clouds and did not see it again.


Governments in the past have stated that chemtrails are conspiracy. They also said that UFOs are not real and do not exist...
Now...they say that "chemtrails" are real..but it is called GEOENGINEERING. They now also state that UFOs are REAL!!

There is a deception underway...just as we have been lied to for the decades before.

Perhaps people are scared...or maybe they are ignorant. There should be no excuse for what is occurring to our sky..our land...our water...everything alive...including us.

This is not an accident..ALL of this has been part of the agenda.

There is an "alien agenda" being followed, but it is not aliens that are following it at the moment..It is us.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The American Government / Military Confirm "UFOs are REAL" What's Next?

The American government, including military have admitted to UFOs being very REAL.

They have openly lied and denied the existence of these crafts for over 70 years.

Now stepping forth and slowly bringing bits of truth to the public, the American government have yet to admit to ET's existence. Of course these crafts with ET, have been seen throughout our recorded history on Earth. Some of the instances date back as far as ancient paintings on rock walls,  written accounts during the Roman times (400AD) and even paintings from the 1800s.

We are in a time where we must awaken..The slumber we are in is purposely induced by the ones who fear the truth, the ones who have control.

Here is something to think about and I do not mean to offend anyone...but...Have you ever notice how most religions await for their gods return? 
Have you ever notice how most "gods" are to return from the SKY?
Have you ever notice how many of these gods are to return on ships..coming down from the sky?

I guess for is almost laughable it is so obvious..and it is right in front of everyone's face.

It is sad how we have been think that so many of the illusions presented to us are real.

I know I could come across as "crazy" to some for what I am sharing now...but they cannot call me crazy for sharing all my "real UFO" experiences through the years till now.
There is no fiction when it comes to extraterrestrial vehicles ETVs or UFOs.

This is a video, that I have made recently while up at the lake where most of my close encounters have occurred. 

I try to share some insight..or outside perspective...or a bit of both.

Let's just say that my abductions..allow me to feel justified to share what I do.

I only offer things as insight..and one can take it..or leave it. It matters not, to me.

You can email me at


Monday, June 10, 2019

2019 UFOs - Why The American Government Is NOW Admitting UFOs Are Real!

In this video I share my thoughts and opinion on wtf is going with the U.S. government and military FINALLY admitting that UFOs are real.

It is a giant step for the American government, considering that they have outright lied and denied UFO and ET existence for over 70 years.

There comes a time when the truth cannot be hidden any longer..the only problem is, there will be more lies told to misdirect and lead away from true reasons that things they are.

I see people for who they really are. There are a few within the "UFO community" that tout themselves as "researchers" and others call them "experts"...but they are there to misdirect.
Some of these people are or were highly regarded within the UFO circles. 

I am not about to name names..They will all reveal themselves in short as it may be.  
Please be careful on what you accept as real..Keep an open mind and research. Talk to people and get others insights, so you can see things very clearly..with an "outside" perspective. 

Sometimes "following the herd" does not always lead to where one may think it will.

Our time on this planet has been short. The way things seem to be going on Earth now, would indicate that our time here, may stay short.

The greys are here..and have been for our entire existence on this planet..

Their methods of operation...abductions..and all the same toward humans, as it has been for our entire history here. 
They have not changed their objectives during their entire time here with us either.

Everything has remained the same with the greys as it has in our recorded history here on Earth.

One thing that most people do not WE are as much alien to this planet Earth as the greys are.

... ...I have been away through the years..and I have found peace in mother nature ..and with the wild.
A clear mind and an outside perspective is what I come back with...along with more experience than when I left.

I will share more, case I leave again.

Thanks for being interested and thank you for your patience..

Also, if you have read this far then you are likely some one who has experiences of some type..and maybe even knowledge of this matter.

If you want to contact me..I will make time for you.
email me at

Never say never..
There are such fantastic and unbelievable things going on within our world alone, one can never imagine the true extent of all that awaits in our universe.



Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Deep Freeze Doesn't Stop UFOs , Manitoba UFO - February 2019

One might never expect to see much, when temperatures have been plummeting to -40C and colder for many of nights this winter. 
It is strange to see oddities in the sky during winter. I guess I have become more accustomed to their presence in the summer time. 

The deep freeze doesn't stop UFOs from coming to Manitoba, Canada.

-Wednesday February 20th, 2019
-Approx. 6:05AM
-1 KM north of Rossburn, MB
-Large orange glowing sphere (UFO)

Near Riding Mountain National Park is a small town named Rossburn, Manitoba. 
I am residing there till I can head out to the "wild" in a couple months and live in peace..with nature. (I live in the area of all my close encounters.)

My husky, Zoso and I frequent walks together. We have been inseparable for most of her nearly 5 years of life.

It was Wednesday February 20th, 2019.

Zoso and I had been walking since around 5:30 AM and were halfway done our walk that morning.
It was a cold the -20s C.  It was still far warmer than the cold we have been enduring, this winter.
I was on the north part of  Rossburn. It was still dark outside and very quiet. The town doesn't become to active till a short time later in the morning.
At around 6:05AM, I was walking east when I looked over towards the north. I was on the north side of town when I saw it.

I immediately saw a large orange glowing sphere in the sky.
There are a few lights that are yard lights and street lights just north of town but nothing like what I was seeing. The object appeared further away than the ground lights.

My first thought was..Is that a reflection? I already knew it wasn't and had nothing to do with any street or ground lights. It was far larger...and it was the size of a building..but sitting in the sky.
It stuck out and was so obvious. I stopped walking and looked more closely at what I was seeing. I was certain it wasn't a reflection of any sort in the sky.

There in the sky...approximately a kilometer north of me (1km north of Rossburn) was what appeared like a very large orange ball of fire. I say that as description. It wasn't fire but energy. It appeared moving energy within the sphere. The orange in different hues moved on it..whatever it was. It was like bright embers.  It looked like a ball of energy.
It appeared for several seconds..before it literally just vanished in the sky in front of my eyes.

From where I stood..I would guess the object to be around 80 meters above the ground.

The large spherical UFO was around 20 meters across. It was not moving at all.

I stood there for the short duration that I could see it in the sky. It did nothing..It just sat there idly.
There were no sounds coming from the direction of the UFO. It was a fairly quick sighting. 
The object just vanished in front on my eyes.

I have seen several UFOs (crafts) in my life. Some of my close encounters have allowed me to see the speed, that some of these crafts can achieve. 
It is my own estimate that some of these UFOs can travel from a virtual standstill to over 136,000 kilometers an hour in a fraction of a second. That is just within our atmosphere.

It is as fast as a blink of an eye to see a craft travel nearly 50 kilometers..from near to away, "instantly"!

This object that I saw, did not move like most crafts/objects that I have seen in the past. This UFO did  appear to actually vanish. 
I did not see what direction it left, if it did leave in any direction. 

I did not see or hear anything else. I stood there for a few more moments and then looked down to my dog Zoso. She had not seen the UFO. 
Usually my dog is perceptive and notices them. She is like me and always looking up to the sky.

I decided to head back home and make note of what I had seen, just for the record.

Matters not day or night..winter or summer.....or even what part of the world you live in. UFOs are seen world wide. All one must do is look up, and keep their eyes open. 



Sunday, February 3, 2019

Disc UFO Sighting - Following Canadian Air Force CH-147F Chinook Helicopter

I have seen many things...most of it I have shared except for the past few years. 
I will fill in some gaps.

What I am sharing happened a couple springs ago, here in the Parkland Region of Manitoba.
I took down all the prudent information..after I video recorded what I could. 

Let me share...

Being away from "man" and being with nature is something that I do cherish. With the peace, comes a distancing from the electronic world. I am willing to pay the price..even if it means no contact with people or sharing anything as quickly. 
I like to compare much of the way I live when living in the wilderness as being the same as living in the "old days". 
There was a time when people had to converse face to face to communicate. I still live like that as much as I can.

It was in early June, 2017 that I was on the very edge of the southern part of Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada.
I had been staying on a farm and helping out there, since the beginning of May that year.

It was mostly sunny out that Sunday. I had been outside for most of the morning and was now back and inside, making something to eat before I went out again.

It is very quiet out there..There is no traffic. The road is a dead end as it leads into Riding Mountain National Park. It is all back-roads and the only thing you hear normally of man, are the jets and planes that pass by above. There is the occasional helicopter, and sometimes the military is seen but never a Chinook.

It was Sunday June 11, 2017 and the time was 1:42PM. I was in the house getting something to eat, when I heard what I thought to be a large machine running,

I thought immediately that it was a very large tractor or bulldozer. The deep vibrations made me realize that it was coming towards the farm house.
I thought it was my friend in one of his tractors and he was coming from his other farm to here. It did sound like he was almost there and I should be able to see him. 
I knew I would have to go outside and help out, with whatever was going on.

I looked out the east window and saw my dog Zoso and another farm dog. They were both in-front of the house. Both were sitting and looking towards the west, up above the house.

What I heard approaching, didn't make sense to me. It was all pasture land back to the hill..then trees. It would be far easier to get to the farm if one headed down the gravel road instead cutting through fenced pasture land.

The sound was getting very loud and it sounded like the tractor should be almost right at the house.
I looked out the front window of the house again and I saw the two dogs now standing there..and both were looking up to the sky above the house.
I decided to run outside and see what was going on. I was ready to help out however I could but there shouldn't be anything over the house.

I ran outside...and suddenly it didn't sound like a tractor anymore. It sounded very large. 
The sound was getting louder as whatever it was.. was approaching and soon to come over the hill on the west side of the property.

I walked further away from the house towards the east, so I could get a clear view of what was coming.

I stood there for a few seconds..waiting in anticipation..and not really knowing what to expect.

Suddenly there was what appeared as, a Canadian Air Force CH-147F Chinook Helicopter.

I was kind of thrown off by it. It was something that I had never seen in my 17 years out here.

I was standing watching as the Chinook cleared the hill to the west. It quickly became very apparent that there were two crafts cresting the hill.

My initial thought was this huge helicopter is pulling something behind it. 

The fact was, I was not looking at anything be  towed or pulled behind the Chinook Helicopter. This disc shaped object was following the helicopter that close.

What I was witnessing was a grey disc craft (UFO) that was following the Chinook helicopter. 
It was only a couple hundred feet behind and a little bit below the Chinook. That is why I first thought something was in tow..because it was behind, below and very close to each other.

The disc craft appeared like what I have seen before in the area.
It was a non polished grey color under the craft. It was about 30 feet in diameter. It had no markings and nothing distinguishable except the fact it was a disc craft.
I instantly realized that this was the greys..again. The craft appeared to be the same as what I have seen, right above me one afternoon in 2002. (Daylight disc UFO encounter - link)

The Chinook was approaching the farm house..and the disc UFO was about 200 to 250 feet behind the helicopter and close to the same altitude maybe just below whatever altitude the helicopter was flying.
Shocked and in disbelief, I ran to the truck that was parked out front. I had my camera in the truck. I had just been in the truck a few minutes before and had recorded a strange cloud that was just over the propterty as I came in.

I grabbed the door handle of the truck and found it to be locked (old habits die hard).

The Chinook and the UFO were both approaching fast. I turned and ran to the house to get the keys to the truck. I found them very quickly on the table and was out of the house and running to the truck.
I looked up as I ran. The sound of the engines that keep such a large helicopter in the air were shaking the ground..and what felt like the air all around too.

Both helicopter and disc UFO were now passing directly over head.
Still, all I could hear were the big engines flying the Chinook. 

Stumbling with the key and the lock (go figure), I finally got the truck door open. 
I grabbed my camera bag and opened the case. I was looking up again and seeing what was going on.
My camera was turning on...but things had already changed..

The helicopter was already leaving very quickly and the disc craft was no longer there.
All I could do is start recording. 
I could see there was only the Chinook in the sky now..but I did record its departure from the property.

The video was taken at 1:45PM and it was just after the disc craft had been following the Chinook air craft. The UFO was now gone. 
To be blunt..the UFO stopped following the Chinook. I missed when the UFO left but it was definitely when the two were right above me.

In this video, I had a sudden urge to stop on the back road and record a cloud that was near by. It was pretty much over the property where I would soon be and less than 15 minutes later I saw a disc craft UFO in the same location.

I know how fast the greys can travel in the disc craft..and it is instant speed. There is no sound to them when they leave. (They are able to travel from a snails pace crawl, to in excess of 85,000 miles per hour in 1/10th of a second.) There is never any kind of sonic boom when the UFO breaks the sound barrier.

The helicopter was traveling rather quickly and I was lucky to get it leaving. I thought it better than nothing at all.

Normally these crafts  are deployed in Canada to give emergency aid whether it be flood, fire, whatever Canadians need.

I did I a bit of research and from what I have found, there was no Chinooks being used/deployed that day.
That is not in stone though. Transparency is not a constant from Canada Government, and I can't find more.

This is one of the links to our Canadian Government, where I was looking for the Chinook.

Operation LENTUS

It would seem that they were using the Chinook in 2017 to "transport equipment and supplies to assist in flood relief efforts in several regions of Quebec", but that was not the same time as this sighting.

This image taken off the Net, shows simularity to my encounter

If there is anything more that I can add to this sighting, I will simply be updating this article unless it deserves it's own.

These are images that may or may not be real, depicting military and Disc Crafts /UFOs.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Alien Grey Joke

What happens when a dyslexic alien grey comes to Canada, and wants to be taken to the "top leader"? is taken to the "pot dealer".

This poster is on my wall, and makes me laugh when I walk by it.

Is it just me?

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