The Greys

The Greys

Monday, September 10, 2012

MIBs Men In Black Abduction Recall - Shared On Video

While at my lake..I was inclined to share my MIBs abduction which took place only 30 miles from the lake that I have been going to since 2002.. It is certianly not as detailed  for encounters as I have written out..but it is hard enough to share any abduction.

I will share more things in the near future and I will take you through what I am aware of through my abductions with the Greys.

For now..just a quick video run down of my MIBs encounter.

This so eerily close to what I experienced that night. (no disc that I am aware of). I am shocked that the artist was never taken by MIBs . 
On a side note: The original of this MIB rendition went missing from the artist James Neff's  possession..and has never surfaced again..Perhaps coincidence..or perhaps he was too close to truth and it was taken for that reason.


  1. HI Todd
    Good to see you on the video.I notice the trees blowing when you mentioned the men in black agents.Great forces at work behind the curtains of the visible.Men in black,agents,hm.....THEY sure know how to use effects from our galleries.
    Makes me think of Whitley Striebers many encounters with *familiars*

  2. Hey Todd. I must speak with you! My names jess and I am truly amazed at ur story. Do u maybe have Fb or something we can message lol my boyfriend and I are so very intrigued lol :) gopw to hear from ya


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