The Greys

The Greys

Monday, June 10, 2019

2019 UFOs - Why The American Government Is NOW Admitting UFOs Are Real!

In this video I share my thoughts and opinion on wtf is going with the U.S. government and military admitting UFOs are real.

It is a giant step for the American government, considering that they have outright lied and denied UFO and ET for over 70 years.

There comes a time when the truth cannot be hidden any longer..the only problem is, there will be more lies told to misdirect and lead away from true reasons that things they are.

I see people as they really are and there are a few within the "UFO community" that tout themselves as "researchers" and others call them "experts"...but they are there to misdirect.

Please be careful on what you accept as real..Keep an open mind and research, talk to people get other perspectives so you can see things very clearly..with an "outside" perspective.

Our time on this planet has been short. The way things are going on Earth now, seem to indicate that it will stay short.

The greys are here..and have been for our whole existence on this planet..Their MO is the same toward humans, as it has been for our entire history here. They have not changed their objectives during their entire time here with us either.

One thing that most people do not WE are as much alien to this planet Earth as the greys are.

I have been away through the years..and I have found peace in mother nature ..and with the wild.
A clear mind and an outside perspective is what I come back with...along with more experience than when I left.

I will share more, case I leave again.

Thanks for being interested..and if you have read this far then you are likely some one who has experiences and knowledge of this matter.
If you want to share or...just would like to talk..I will make time for you.
email me at

Never say never..
There are such fantastic and unbelievable things going on within our world alone, one can NEVER imagine all that awaits in our universe.



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