The Greys

The Greys

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Alien Implants Removed and Small Update to My Life

My dog Zoso,  as deep as she appears..(She has seen and watched UFOs in the sky with me)
It's my birthday today and I thought..this is a good time to get personal...and share.

In the years that I have been away from here, I have been living in the Parkland Region of Manitoba. Very near my Sasquatch sighting as well as my UFO/alien encounters.

It will take a few different posts to fully update you on everything, without jumping around too much.
Just keep in mind that coming back to amenities and luxuries has me wanting to go very fast with takes time, as will my posts.

Since 2014, I have often lived without electricity or running water,  always without TV and phone...or any other connections to society.

I lived in the "wilderness" in an old log house, for over half a year this year (till winter). Again I had no electricity, no running water, no phone, no anything but my dog Zoso and Mother Nature to keep me company.

I have learned to cook over open fire very well through the years. I cook with a wood-stove even better and have learned to live with only fire. Through these last years of practice, I can start a fire in seconds and have it blazing in less than a minute. 

It is quiet without the hum of electricity and it seems easy to keep a clear mind without cell phone microwaves.
I also appreciate the fact that most people would rather not come out there because their phones don't have reception.

Honestly, if the world were to stop..I would not even notice..till much much later.

I've been living with mother nature and all the animals. Aside from my dog who is my shadow, I am never truly alone out there. Being in the forest away from people brings music from all the creatures.

I have been doing stone carvings or as I call it at times "rock art". All my carvings are by hand and no machines except me. It's all positive energy that I put into them as I carve them. They are good for you. Most of my carvings are made from quartz rock, and there are some soapstone carvings too.
Some of my art, while other pieces have been sold
All made by hand me. Stones, wood, soap stone, copper
Some "Rock Art" is natural and just placed together.

Three Greys.

This year I became friends with a young hawk. I started to mimic his call and it soon brought him over. He would come and visit with me often sitting in the trees waiting for his family to show.

I learned to talk to crows, and I will tell you that it is not "cawing" that grabs them. 
I do believe the noise that I make is more less asking if there are any friends (crows) around.
It is funny watching the reactions of some crows...they have to give a second look.

I taught my dog about fish and I showed her how to look into the water and see them. Before that, all my dog could see was on top of the water. She became very excited when I showed her in the water. She was even more excited to see fish swimming around.
She learned on her own how to fish, after she was watching me catch fish with a rod and reel. She sits in the reeds just on shore waiting, fishing.
At times she appears just like you would see when bears are fishing. A fish jumps and she jumps on it. Sometimes it works, but most time it doesn't. She does have patience.
Zoso out trying to catch a fish.

Black Bear Confrontation

I did have an encounter with a Black Bear early this summer. We stood almost toe to toe for many long seconds, as we were on the edge of battle.

I could feel every one of his breaths on my neck/chest area, we stood so close.

It did take some convincing him, that I was not going to be a free and easy meal.

Zoso has been around bears her whole life (4 years). When I got her she was to become my "watch dog" who would look after chickens, rabbits and pigs on my farm where I lived at the time.
She is a very smart Malamute dog and as a pup she kept six different bears (and one cub) off the property that summer/fall after I got her.She has dealt with many bears and predators since.

Me and The Three Bears

June 2018  
Zoso and I often walk a few miles each time we go out, just as we were doing that day.

That is when I saw a black bear during our walk. He was about 50 feet ahead of Zoso and I, when I told Zoe. She hadn't noticed him yet.

The bear was eating bugs from a rotting fallen tree.

Zoso's  fur stood up and she immediately started to chase the young bear.

The Black Bear wasn't that big yet and still fairly young. He weighed about 200 pounds, but it was still more than what I weigh.

Zoe and the bear ran off through the trees.

I knew my dog would be back in less than a minute She just wanted to make sure the bear was leaving. She always comes right back, as she always has.
The bears seem to have no problem leaving the area when confronted by Zoso. There are lots of other places to "forage".

It was around 20 seconds after the chase started, that I saw my dog running back to me through the trees. She was coming back on much the same path that she had just left on.

I thought to myself, "Oh good!The bear is gone!"

THAT was not the case. The bear had decided to turn around and start chasing my dog back.

The bear was about 20 feet behind Zoso as she came running back towards me.

I saw what was going on and I quickly and instinctively took my knife out and started to make lots of noise and waving my arms.
Zoso ran past me..and the bear was soon to follow her. He was about 5 feet away from me as he ran past, following my dog.

Both bear and my dog stopped not long after. The bear looking at Zoe and then he started looking at me.

The bear then decided that I may be easier to deal with. He turned and started to walk towards me.
My mind started to race and I started to put everything together, so I had a plan on what I was going to do.I had to think of how I was going to fend off this bear.

I went through my mind on how I was going to get to the hospital with injuries. I thought about how there was no one around for miles. The whole the community was attending a funeral that day, for a long time area resident who had passed on.

The biggest thing in the front of my mind was "How was I going to stop the bear?".

I thought if I went for his eyes he wouldn't be able to see. I then I realized that eyes were pretty small targets and if the bear and I are wrestling, then I wouldn't have a chance to hit his eyes.
I very quickly calculated that I had to go for the neck area. It would be the most damaging..the most vulnerable part of his body to get to. It is an area that could be struck repetitively.

I was ready and knew that I had to puncture the side of his neck, repeatedly. I was visualizing the whole thing, preparing myself.

Two seconds decided it.

I had a slight hesitation when the bear was initially running up to me. That hesitation is what he picked up on immediately. The bear stood up on his rear legs. and we were now face to face.

My hesitation was only a fraction of a second. I saw his reaction instantaneously with the hesitation and just by natural instinct of being around wild animals I dropped the hesitation...and went through everything else in my mind, within seconds.

The bear now saw that I was not afraid and that I had committed.
There was no more hesitation or weakness on my part.

We were looking eye to eye..for what seemed many seconds. It was in those seconds that passed, that I could feel his warm breath on my chest and neck every time he exhaled.

After those few "forever" seconds, the Black Bear understood me. I saw the recognition in his eyes. He saw in my eyes, that I was going to hurt him if he tried anything..

The bear went down on all 4 feet and ran right past me. He was so close that I could have "pet him" if I had that desire, of which of course I didn't.

In my lifetime being across Canada in the wild, in the north and in the mountains, I have met wolves, Black bears, cougars, bobcats, and luckily they are like me. None of them wanted confrontation.
If an animal can avoid confrontation then they will, unless they are hungry.

Most of my animal encounters are rather peaceful and tranquil..with no surprises or aggression. Sometimes I have had to make lots of noise and flail my arms in the air to make bears change course..but all in is mostly very satisfying as well as humbling experiences with wild animals.

Zoso with 14 stitches, the morning after a beaver confrontation (she had never met a beaver before then)

Moving on..

I had a daylight UFO sighting including a Chinook helicopter being followed by a disc craft in June of 2017

I will update you with that and more, on another post.

Right now I am going to focus on my alien implants from the greys.

Alien Implants Removed

A number of years ago I had posted on my site, about my alien implants. It might have been around 2012 that it was here.

I had left the article up for a week or so, before I took it down and I deleted all text and images..without copy.
That is so unlike me, and I never really gave it thought. I just had a very strong, compelling urge. What I did share about my implants made me feel uncomfortable, putting it out to the world.

I had mentioned that I had one alien implant come out of my body...but I will go into more detail from before that.

I was aware that I had implants in my body. I had found them "in" my skin and since then had two alien implants come out.

I have always suspected them, but never actually had seen one out of my body until a few years ago.

What I will explain these two implants that I had inside me came out of my body.
There were no incisions needed and no tools required till the end.

This is what I an alien abductee have learned on my own, from my own body, from my own experience.

I have found dark objects in my my skin. I could see them and feel them. I can even make them move around in my body from touch.

I am not sure as to everyone, because I am writing without researching this on the Internet.
I am just sharing what I "know" from my experiences. I would rather not dilute it too much.

We have layers of skin around our body.In between some or all layers of skin is liquid. I would assume that it is water. I am not sure how many layers of skin we have, but it is within these layers, have been placed alien implants (At least within my body).
It was years ago that I found a very small "slit" in my outer skin on my body. It is small, but it is an entry or exit point in my body. (Actually most would not likely call the slit small but I do)

I learned that this slit in my skin is where these implants can come out and do.

Perhaps I have more than one slit in my body, I am not sure. I have never noticed any more than the one. It is still there.  It does not ever close and it is not a wound in any way at all. It is not sore, nor is it even noticed. It is simply a slit in my skin...that can allow alien objects to be placed within, without discomfort and without infection / body resistance.

It was the same time in which in I had found the slit in my skin that I found the first implant, not far from it.

When I first saw the implant, it appeared as a dark object under my skin. It appeared almost like a grey color and the way it felt, it was hard and small.

I knew (gut feeling) that it was not natural. I knew that it didn't belong in my body.

I don't know why..or how I knew, but I started to push the implant..pressing down on my skin and on the object and it started to move.
It took time, many weeks to move the object the short distance within my body.

Once the implant was finally maneuvered to the slit in my skin, I squeezed it to the point where it was just barely sticking out of my body. I needed tweezers to take it out.
I held the implant and looked at it feeling it and rolling it around in my fingers.
It was only 1 to 1 1/2 centimeters wide and it was not very thick, maybe 1/2 a centimeter.

I had never seen one before..and just holding it, I knew that the greys were responsible.

These images were shared by the late Dr. Roger Leir, taken from his 16th alien implant removal surgery.
The above image is exactly the same as what I had found in my body twice and appears the same in color and texture.

I took the implant and dropped it in the toilet. I watched it drop to the bottom and then I flushed it down. I did not want to have it near me. I wanted it gone. I felt I had to just get rid of it right at that moment.
My initial thought was to put it somewhere safe so I wouldn't lose it.  That thought was very quickly overshadowed and changed.

A short while after finding the implant and taking it out...then throwing it out...I decided I really should check out my body again and see if there were more implants.

I found another implant and began to move it within my body, the same as the other.

Again, it took time and lots of tedious effort to move this thing. It was YEARS of trying to get it out of my body. I finally succeeded.
By the time the second alien implant was able to come out of my body, I was now living up near Riding Mountain National Park. That is when I had the second implant come out. 
It was the summer of 2015

The object came out of my body just as the first had...

I took a good look at it and I was thinking about what to do with it, when suddenly I had the urge to just go outside and throw it away. That is what I did. I couldn't even stop myself. It was something that I couldn't even focus on. My body was acting like a robot on its own..and my mind was clear to allow it. I guess the best way to say it is..It was just like breathing..or don't think about just do it naturally.

I see how it is programmed into me (by the Greys? by MIBs?). I guess I should say I see how I act or react to implants once out of my body.
I am not sure how long it has been, but it would have been programed into me during an abduction or from several abductions.
It would have been the same time that the implants were put inside me that I was "programed".

I never gave it a second thought of what I had to do as I held the implant each time. It was only after getting rid of  these implants was I able to think more clearly and see that no matter how much I wanted to keep them, I cannot. 
If I take them out or if they come out, then I will get rid of them. I don't think that there is any way around it, for me.

There is no desire to rid the implant until once out of body and in my hand, then a feeling of urgency..of having to get rid of the implant literally overwhelms. It is literally uncontrollable.

It is so overwhelming even afterwards. As I write about my still wakes me..shakes me, still knowing what it feels like to have something else..someone able to make a final decision and be able to make you act it do it. To have some one control a feeling on it's own. Nothing can compare to it really.

I hear about mind control and how for some humans it is a goal. Maybe it be military, government, black-ops or whatever type of new world order agendas. They are doing something.
Seeing what is going on around the world and knowing what aliens that are here are capable of..I can see that these goals of mind control may be already achieved by some humans (or as I see them sub-humans).

This video is of the late Dr. Leir.

We have had ET with us for our entire existence here on Earth. Their technologies have been intertwined into our own. The only problem is.. most alien technologies remain hidden and unknown to most on this planet.

I can only share what I see...what I know...what I have experienced. This does not make me an "expert" but I do know that I have real insight..and it is not rumor..word of mouth..or theory..IT is from in-your-face experiences.
I know that there are others taken by the greys, that come by my site. It is for them too..that I share this.
Perhaps others of the same, will comment or contact me, if they feel they can add to truth from experience, insight.

There are more posts coming but it would be so much easier ..if I could put each and every one of you in my you would instantly understand everything and see the world through different eyes.
Peace all.

I wish you all the the time to come.


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