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The Greys

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Tucker Carlson Tonight Talks UFO / UAP Effects From The Close Encounters With Crafts!

Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight...Tucker touched on a subject that hasn't really been mentioned much if at all till now on mainstream media MSM.

The subject briefly brought up on the show was about the physical harms and effects from close encounters with UFOs/UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena)
It was mentioned that some of the pilots that came too close to crafts had physical radiation like burnsparalysis and brain damage. They claim it is likely the result of contact with "advanced technology."
I share this..because they are closer to the TRUTH than they ever have regard to ET and UFOs. I am of course meaning my own physical ailments from one of my close encounters...I am sure there is so much more to what "can happen" if you are too close...but..this is good just the same.
The claim is that this is likely "the result of contact with "advanced technology." Meaning extraterrestrials, which everyone is too afraid to say...

In my opinion they won't say ET /Aliens because the time for fear is not quite right. I am meaning that they will use ET as a way to instill more fear..when the time comes. is a link to fox for the story and vid clip.
Injuries following reported UFO sightings likely caused by 'advanced technology': Former Pentagon official | Fox News

This has the entire clip of the discussion *skip ahead to 15:05* in the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show.
Tucker Talks UFOs *skip to 15:05

It may not make sense at this moment...but..they may blame this...for the upcoming fake ET invasion scenario that they have planned. That reason is to scare people more and it will lead to fear with hostility towards ET once they are revealed to the public by governments and MSM.
NASA Scientists to Send New Message Including ‘Unsolicited Nudes’ to Make Contact with Aliens

If people cannot see that they have been controlled and brainwashed for the last two years..they likely will not see what is coming next with the elite using UFO an ET as a fear catalyst.

It will ensure the plans of the NWO are able to continue if we are not aware and able to  stop all that the agenda contains..I will add that the "great reset" is very much part of the plan that will lead to upcoming events with extraterrestrials, UFOs and what is left of humans..on Earth.

If you refer to my latest posts and videos here on my site, then you will understand the meaning to everything that I have shared within this short summary.



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