The Greys

The Greys

Friday, January 13, 2012

Markings Left From An Alien Abduction?

 (Update: I have taken out 2 implants, link at bottom of post)
It was winter of 2010..November 11/12 when I had something happen that was not normal for me.

It was early evening and out of nowhere I was overcome by an uneasy feeling I get when the greys are near. I know the feeling well..It's the turning of my stomach..the heightened senses ...the actual feeling of them in the area near by..There is no easy way to explain the feeling that comes with them..It is not a good feeling but one that I have come to accept. I did start to feel very agitated and on edge. Expecting to see a craft in the sky, I went out on the back deck a few times to look around. There was nothing to see.

I stayed up for a couple hours..waiting to see if something was going to happen..Occasionally I did go and look out the see if anything noticeable had changed in the sky.. I felt them near and it was not imagination there was no question of either.

I laid down and thought to myself.. "Nah..they won't come here to my home"..They hadn't yet...

I finally went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning..and was surprised that I slept through the whole night..It is very rare that I can have such a sleep..I am used to waking up many times a night every night...but it did not happen that night.

After getting up..I looked down at my something was on it..that caught my eye...

I had a bruise or marking on the outside of my bicep and thought it was strange...I decided to take some pictures..just for my own reference...Once I started to take pictures..I noticed more marks that I did not have the night before.

This short video show some of the pictures I took from that morning... I will share more thoughts after you view this.

Having seen just the outside bruise/mark..the inside mark made me realize that something had likely occurred.

The markings show me that there was something that had clamped down..or grabbed onto my arm..The position of marking on both side of the bicep show me that..there was likely something that was being either taken out or put into me.

I do not expect anyone except other abductees to pay much attention to this post.. 

I am sharing from my own perspective ..and from what I have been through..that has brought me to the conclusions that I have.

I had no plans to share this with anyone at all..seeing that it took place over a year ago and it was not as predominant as my encounters with crafts and beings while awake. BUT with so many abductees now contacting me and asking and sharing about markings found on the body....I thought it would only be fair for them..if I was to share what I did find.

Since awakening to this..I have not felt the presence of the my home again. The a different story.


Since this post..I have taken out 2 implants on my own.. To learn more go here: Alien implants removed.

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