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The Greys

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strange Sound Heard In Parkland Region Manitoba Canada

I just arrived back from the lake..

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2012, I was at my lake (last night)..with my best friend. Where we both experienced/heard "the sound". 

It was similar in so many ways to what is being shared from around the world, though not the same (I thought it was mostly fakes until now)..but let me put everything into perspective for you.

We had arrived at the lake (where I have close encounters) the Parkland Region of Manitoba, Canada  late in the day on Wednesday.

We took care of matters that had to be tended to...having not been up to the lake since December.

I had started a fire in the wood-stove to bring heat to the log cabin and kept it stoked to warm up the place. 

It was now later in the evening, after eating. I was standing near the wood-stove and looking out the front window of the cabin, towards the frozen lake, talking with my buddy who was sitting on the couch.
The time was around 9:20 PM, when out of no where..there was a very loud sound. It stopped the conversation and kind of shocked my friend and I. 
It was loud and outside the cabin. It did almost sound as if it were just out front.

The sound..can be comparable to what has been shared world wide. I am sure you know the "sound" I mean..the moaning ..or rusty metal on metal noise..but it wasn't the same thing. 

What came across as a sound..was so was clear as day..from within the cabin.

My buddy was the first to saying WTF is that? Of course..I couldn't give a response, I really didn't know.

The sound...was like metal..rusty metal that is sliding on rusty metal.  It was like a metal "whining" or groaning  sort of thing. I will compare the sound to a heavy metal door being open fairly quickly but with a higher pitch tone than what is being shared on the internet for the sounds.

The sound didn't last long..It was dominating for only a few seconds...then it was gone.

I stood there shocked from it and I had goosebumps. 

My friend and I then tried to come up with an answer of what the sound was. There was nothing that it could have been where we are. The only thing we agreed upon..was that it was "eerie" and neither of us expected it.

At the location: The lake is frozen and there is a couple feet of snow cover on the ground. 
There are no people in the area except the locals that live year round. Perhaps 15 people in a 5 mile radius and there was no activity anywhere taking place last night.

After looking out the window for some time, waiting for and talking about the sound, I decided to head outside and see if there was something that I could find to the sound. Considering that there was not more sound since the event, I still thought there would be evidence of what it was.

There had been many coyotes and even a wolf that had been making lots of noise through the evening till then. 

I went to the front of the cabin outside and stopped. I looked under the cabin and was looking for tracks nearby, that could be related to the event. I found nothing that would lead me to the source.

I did notice that there was complete silence.. The most noise was my breathing..till I held my breath...then it was only my heart beating..that I could hear.

I am not sure if you ever experience total silence..but where I am out there, there is no humm of electricity (no electricity on the property) vehicles on the roads and..there was not a sound from the many active animals that make night their time. 

It was like everything thought it best to be silent and wait...just as I felt.

I did not encounter the sound again..though I was outside several times checking up on things and having my camera ready to record any more activity. 

There was none at all..

It even took many hours...till after 11pm for the animals to start up again with their communicating and with the noises they make.

I did feel somewhat freaked out by the sound and as odd as this may seem..I did find comfort in knowing that ALL the wild animals in the area..were silenced too. Perhaps they too were not prepared for the strangeness. 

It took 3 hours for the animals to start back to their normal ways. The eerie feeling was not my own..but seemingly shared by the animals over a large surrounding area.

I will not lie..I do not know what the sound was..BUT also I had never heard such a thing in my life..till then.

I was aware of the sounds being shared by many across our globe in recent weeks/months. 

It was just before those started to attract attention..that I had a feeling that things may be due to tectonic plates which are causing such attention. 
Oddly enough we had an earthquake in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and that is something that is very rare. As a matter of fact, the term earthquake is one of the least used words out here.. as we are located in one of the most stable locations on earth.

The quake was dismissed as fast as it came..though it read 3.3 to 4.4 on the  Richter scale. 

It all makes me wonder..Is there a connection to all that we have going on? 

Without transparency that should come from government and science agencies and without mainstream media...we may never know the truth, unless the truth is found and shared..on the Internet.

I just want to explain..I am posting this as a written record for reference, due to my past experiences and close encounters with ET and UFOs at the lake. 

I felt that this too deserves to be noted and shared.


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