The Greys

The Greys

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Latest 2012: Orange Glowing UFO Shoots From Earth To Outer Atmosphere

Parkland Region Manitoba, Canada
Thursday September 27, 2012 , Approx 11:30 PM
1 Orange glowing UFO 
Conditions: Clear sky/ Almost full moon
No wind

I've been at my lake for two weeks and I just got back last night.  

It has been uneventful for close encounters with crafts this year for me. BUT I do take it as a little holiday from them.

It was Thursday September 27th at around 11:30 PM. I was at the lake..that I have been going to for the last ten the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

I came out of the cabin to enjoy the exceptionally warm night..and to look up at the stars.

The night was animals...and thankfully no more mosquitoes. The nearing full moon hung in the clear sky..but was not a factor to what I saw that night.

I looked over the lake..towards the south..and "just like that" a glowing orange UFO shot from what appeared very near ground level..and up to and what appeared out of Earth's atmosphere. It traveled at a speed that I can only compare to others, of that of meteorites that shoot across the sky in a fraction of a second.

It was unlike anything I have seen before.. It's speed from ground level was attain the speed it shot up from Earth at. (many thousand miles per hour)

I will remind you..I have seen crafts at close proximity with the same capability of instant speed. I have also had a close encounters with being orange..but none with all the same characteristics as what I was witness to, a couple nights ago.

The object/craft was at a distance..and I could not guess the actual distance. I know it was quite far. For me to be able to watch it shoot up..and to actually see how far and how fast..brought a chill and excitement to me. The UFO's size was not small at all. I could not however, distinguish the shape of it. It did not appear as fire..but it was glowing orange.

It all happened so fast..that even if I had my camera would not have likely picked it up at all.

It is so strange to witness at a distance the UFO shoot up with such speed, almost as strange as watching crafts from a close encounter perspective.


  1. Awesome!
    The speed of these crafts mock natural laws it appears.I have seen a video on youtube where a craft seems to disappear alltogether when it shoots off,but with keen eyes one can see trails.
    i honestly wish i had seen one myself fully conscious.
    But i have rendered myself subconsciouss at occasions and noticed how that opens the door to them,and when i open that door,they come.

  2. or maybe they are already there all the time within the realms of altered consciousness,bussy transforming people as usual


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