The Greys

The Greys

Friday, January 13, 2012

Markings Left From An Alien Abduction?

 (Update: I have taken out 2 implants, link at bottom of post)
It was winter of 2010..November 11/12 when I had something happen that was not normal for me.

It was early evening and out of nowhere I was overcome by an uneasy feeling I get when the greys are near. I know the feeling well..It's the turning of my stomach..the heightened senses ...the actual feeling of them in the area near by..There is no easy way to explain the feeling that comes with them..It is not a good feeling but one that I have come to accept. I did start to feel very agitated and on edge. Expecting to see a craft in the sky, I went out on the back deck a few times to look around. There was nothing to see.

I stayed up for a couple hours..waiting to see if something was going to happen..Occasionally I did go and look out the see if anything noticeable had changed in the sky.. I felt them near and it was not imagination there was no question of either.

I laid down and thought to myself.. "Nah..they won't come here to my home"..They hadn't yet...

I finally went to sleep.

I awoke the next morning..and was surprised that I slept through the whole night..It is very rare that I can have such a sleep..I am used to waking up many times a night every night...but it did not happen that night.

After getting up..I looked down at my something was on it..that caught my eye...

I had a bruise or marking on the outside of my bicep and thought it was strange...I decided to take some pictures..just for my own reference...Once I started to take pictures..I noticed more marks that I did not have the night before.

This short video show some of the pictures I took from that morning... I will share more thoughts after you view this.

Having seen just the outside bruise/mark..the inside mark made me realize that something had likely occurred.

The markings show me that there was something that had clamped down..or grabbed onto my arm..The position of marking on both side of the bicep show me that..there was likely something that was being either taken out or put into me.

I do not expect anyone except other abductees to pay much attention to this post.. 

I am sharing from my own perspective ..and from what I have been through..that has brought me to the conclusions that I have.

I had no plans to share this with anyone at all..seeing that it took place over a year ago and it was not as predominant as my encounters with crafts and beings while awake. BUT with so many abductees now contacting me and asking and sharing about markings found on the body....I thought it would only be fair for them..if I was to share what I did find.

Since awakening to this..I have not felt the presence of the my home again. The a different story.


Since this post..I have taken out 2 implants on my own.. To learn more go here: Alien implants removed.


  1. Interesting.
    i believe implants are devices to help us connect&communicate,,and also to keep us healthy.
    In ancient tribal traditions, the shaman sometimes recieves a power object while in deep trance,an object wich aids and protects the shaman in his journeys to the otherworlds.

    1. Linda Seay-SkaggsMay 21, 2012 at 9:38 PM

      Hello Todd and Everyone,

      Thank you for creating a place to talk and also be heard.

      I can't prove an implant but at 12yrs old I woke up with a large amount of blood on my pillow and only once before or since I had a nose bleed but was a natural cause.

      Years later I started having strange "dreams" that was not the usual type. I always dream and is how I knew the difference. Little did I know even when I saw my 1st UFO 6 years later, I was being taken but only at night.
      It would be interesting to know if there is a commen denominater with all who have experienced all that we have. To be chosen. And wonder if they stop taking a person at some point.

      Several years after the nose bleed I woke up and was changing my clothes and happen to have my back to my spouse and with a worried voice asked me what happened to my back. Using a hand mirror to look in the mirror was 4 large perfect circles on my spine, bigger than silver dollars.

      They didn't hurt, knew I had not fallen or injured myself. Went to the docter and seeing my back he was astonished and clueless. He said in a mystified voice, "They look like bruises."

      He'd been our family doctor since birth so he knew me well. He wasn't concerned but was perplexed how these came or a cause. Not able to understand how they got on my back I shrugged it off as just being a fluke.

      The "dreams" continued. It would be several more years I finally realized they are not dreams

      I could write a book on all that happened I remember. And imagine everyone else could too.

      With Respect,

    2. There isn't a need to be alarmed. They are....just all...Don't worry, they come in peace.

  2. I have been reading your thoughts and inner feelings with some interest, its very shocking in what you are saying, having met a few people who have been abducted well reading there books anyway and a few talks in and around England.

    I am always wondering why they choose people to do these things to them, what I mean is why abduct someone in the first place? The have been here for a very long time, and yet they continue to abduct and do there experiments, I for one do not believe they are friendly, benevolent or kind.

    I feel I can to a great degree relate to a lot of what you say, sometimes I get so edgy for no reason what so every I don't owe any one money or have any financial difficulties or anything that would cause any stress, and yet it still happens the last time being the 18-19 Jan and I saw a bright orange light in the sky and thankfully I was able to record it, I will include my blog address and look for the video down the page.

    I will keep popping by, don't give up Todd and more important don't let them get you down, there is a way to fight these things from invading our minds and dreams.

  3. Hello Todd, I had an amazing experience when I was 8 or 9 years old while staying at a friends house for a few days in the summer. I am 36yrs old now and remember it as if it had just happened still. It was me, my friend, his sister and mother. It was around 10pm and we were catching fireflys by the woods that outlined a field on their property next to there house. We had been out there for about 30 to 45 mins I would say when his mother said we should go inside soon due to the mosquitos. We were trying to catch a couple more in our jars when out of nowhere a strong gusty breeze started blowing accompanied by a low sounding hum. We started looking around to see what was happening when 5 small craft slowly drifted over the tree tops and began decending toward the field. Frightened we all ran across the field and toward the house. The 5 small craft were solid black in color and diamond shaped. They had 2 large bright lights that shined diagonally to the ground from the front end of the craft, a blinking red light on top, a large light or possible illuminated window on the left side and a vent type lighted grate across that back that seemed to propel the craft forward that emitted what looked like heat vapors. All the dogs in the neighborhood were barking going nuts. As we ran toward the house we noticed a large disc shaped object slowly moving above the street travelling in our direction. The disc was aprox 100ft in the air, it had circular lights that seemed to spin around the craft simultaneously, then would individually light up one at a time, then all would light up very bright together. It would coninually repeat this pattern. It had a blinking red light on top and a large light beaming down from the bottom that would move dif directions as if searching for something. It passed over the house over our heads and continued the same direction starting to elevate, the other crafts got behind it and lined up in a line across behind it. In a blink they were gone, the sky lit up and there was a loud sonic boom. I have left out other details and info I will share with you if interested. Since that night I am the only one with memory of what happened that night, also the next morning I noticed a blue dot deep under the skin on my right thumb a quarter inch above the joint I cant explain. I have also had other experiences throughout my life since then and have also experienced the anxiety you described. I would like to talk to you more indepth about this. You can email me at

  4. Okay, I have a problem here... A few months, if not years back I had a giant bruise on my bicep. I don't bruise easily. In fact, I hardly remember EVER having a bruise. One day I wake up and I have a bruise about 3 x 3 inches on my bicep. Dark purple and green... Never had anything like this happen before. Since then, and a small bit before then, I wake up everyday around 3AM... I always thought this was odd. Just seems weird for me to wake up at the same time, everyday. Just yesterday my girlfriend and I were showering when she noticed that I had a patch, about 3 x 3 inches on my upper/mid back with perfect circles in a perfect pattern... And it is still there today... So naturally I took to GOOGLE to see if anyone else had these problems and of course, I stumbled onto this posting and several others.

    My question now is... SHOULD I BE FREAKING OUT?!!?!?!!
    Because I AM.

    1. There is no need to freak out...Panic and stress does nothing to improve things.
      I cannot say anything about your situation..I just know that from my own experiences...there are close encounters with well...and that helps me to see things more clearly..
      If you have had close encounters with crafts.. I would tend to think that there may be abductions as well..only because they so often go hand in hand.

      If you really need to talk to email addy is on the right hand column here.

    2. You are a MILAB abductee. Google James Rink super soldier for guidance

  5. Hi, I woke up with a mark ( sign) burned into my arm . It looked like a circle inside a circle with a line through it. I didn't think too much of it until a month later I woke up with the same mark on my breast. It burned , I had. Bad headache and felt like I didn't sleep the entire night .

  6. hi i saw this and this is one of the few sites with anything on this subject. i have a geometric shape on my wrist, that looks kinda like a triangle only it looks like a w and the ends are box shaped. this symbol has been on my arm since i was little, im now 26 years old. when i first noticed it i would outline it with a pin, and draw it on paper. even as a child i thought there is no earthly explanation. i always thought i was burned by a doctor in a clinic, but as i got older i realized that also didn't make sense. for one a doctor wouldn't do that to a child without losing their license. it was so stamped into my skin that it will not go away. it looks like a burn or skin graft. i have a faint memory of someone taking my wrist and burning something on me. thats all i remember, don't know if they were human or not. i forgot about this mark until four weeks ago when i was researching alien abductions, for some reason i've become obsessed with this. then i read about people being branded, i looked at my arm and remembered this mark and was shocked to see it was still there. my name is shantell, and my email is if anyone has answers please share.

  7. Hi I was wondering if you guys can help me out every now and then I wake up with random marks on my back. It started with a lot of random scratches and then the scratches turn to a few but they looked like a hand and about two weeks ago I woke up with 3 circles on my back 2×2 they almost looked like crop circle.

  8. In 2013 i feel asleep in my home in independence mo had a strange dream when i woke up i have a strange kinda j shaped mark on the back of my arm i cant see it from any point of my owen view i noticed it when i walked past a mirror the next day there was no blood just a kind of sticky tape kinda of stuff on it it kindof looks like a tattoo that never took idk what the hell it is its a real trip....

    1. My email address is any feedback is apreceated

  9. I really want to know what the two marks I woke up with are. I had two almond or eye outlines on my chest. They were above my breasts and evenly spaced apart. It wasn’t a burn or an indent, it looked like it was drawn with Melanin it was slightly darker than my skin color. By afternoon it had disappeared, I was going to take a picture. I have one witness that saw it and couldn’t figure it out either.

  10. Sounds like what I woke up with in my stomach


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