The Greys

The Greys

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UFOs and Extraterrestrials - The Silent Truth

For years in our recent past, the topic of UFO and ET have been silenced by a government/media/religion/science/education induced ridicule of the subject.

The silence is becoming less, as the truth becomes more loud and obvious.

This post is more a visual for you to "take in".  

This is only but part of what has been shared to the masses via the Internet.  These images are part of the silent truth..

I cannot verify any of them..but I cannot just ignore the obvious facts..that we are not alone. I say that as fact, from my own close encounters and abductions.

These images of drawings, paintings, carvings and actual UFOs, represent hundreds..and thousands of years of Human history on Earth.

These first set of images depict events and the UFO / extraterrestrial presence on this planet. It is recorded from Human's somewhat not too distant past history on Earth.

These images in this next display are all Pre-Roswell crash photos.
UFOs - From 1900 to 1940

UFOs - 1940 to 1960

UFOs - 1960s

UFOs - 1970s

UFOs - 1980s

UFOs - 1990s

UFOs - 2000 to ongoing..

Crop Circles

I really cannot emphasize the importance to this truth of ET and UFO. I know how big this all is..and I know how important it should be, that we are aware.

There are so many people that claim matter of ET and UFO as fake..and non-existent. That number is starting to drop.

Governments, science, religion, all have stated these things are untrue. They are slowly changing their stance.

The visual proof continues to pour in onto the Internet from around the world. Not only have we pictures and videos, we have actual abductees that are sharing their experiences. 

I know from my own close encounters that it is only a matter of time until the truth is known by all, as it was meant since mankind began here.

Many people will continue to doubt until they see with their own eyes. I respect that from people. Experience is how we are to learn. Not by being told what is real..and what we are to "believe".

The best that can be done for now by people, is sharing the truth. 

That is why this blog is here. It is here for truth, for you.

As you continue your quest, discover my close encounters with UFOs and ET, with this link:
Part 1:  Taken by the greys - experiences




  1. dave robinson to the Ptb can you supply me a reference number to save you time :-)March 15, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    Its global and given the exposure it beggars belief that some people refuse to even look. But as many in who have experiences will testify its coming big time! Be too late then. Been visited since 3 and given that leave most with psychological damage at best, for the biggest part they dont appear to give a damn about us and have been instrumental in naffing world events and world history so our true history is hidden only in oral traditions such as budhism and shamanism. Excellent gathering of information. Just wish it was matched by tens of thousands of hits, when they start appearing en masses then itll be too late

    1. Hi Dave. Are you are aware through the greys or is it other beings?
      I know that there are claims of all these other types of ET but from what I see in history is definite greys and reptilians, perhaps there is a more humanoid type as well..OR it was either species "projecting" such.

      I am aware through personal experiences of related family member that the reptilians who were in our history are still present. There has been a sharing of reptilian encounters from this family relation to me.

      (To be was out of the blue and a family gathering.) Attention was brought to this family relation with neither of us aware of each others experiences prior to the gathering. Myself and two members of my family aware of the misdirections keep people unaware of ET and UFOs.

      Feel free to contact me..if you have not. It could be productive conversation.


  3. Hello Mr. Todd. I have been reading your blog from start to finish, watched all of your videos and I have even read all of the comments you've made on everything you've posted and with that I'm sure you can understand why I almost cried to actually find someone who has shared the same experience with me. I am very much hoping for a reply because of personal reasons I'm still not comfortable with sharing in public places but if It's ok to email you. Please PLEASE let me know.
    Very sincerely ,

    1. Hello Mr. Anonymous. You may email me anytime you want. I am very busy during summer months..but will make time to talk with you.
      My emails are on the right hand side of the blog..



  4. Hello Todd,
    Thank you for posting this blog. Glad to see i am not the only person that believes. Such a relief. I have a question for you and hopefully you can help. I have seen several UFOs in my time (I'll be 26in July) but my most recent sighting has me scratching my head. Last month my fiance and i were watching the skies above a mountain where we usually see unexplained activity; things shooting out of the mountain, weird lights dancing on the mountain and even things land and disappear on and in it. But last month was unbelievable. We watched, and filmed, this star like light fly out of the mountain and hover above it. As we started to record it, it grew bigger and bigger. Started as a ball of fire and got larger as it hovered there. It started to slowly move away and we watched as it CHANGED from those huge ball of fire into this solid black line and then into a plane. There was NO sound coming from the object. There was a car pull up behind us but that is the only sound besides us talking. Now, my question for you, have you EVER seen or heard of this type of activity? We were amazed, i was a bit mad that it just changed shape but was grateful i had my camera rolling. Its only my cell phone camera, not the best but you can see it change clearly. I can try to send you the video for you to see. I would love your input on it. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day.
    Peace be with you friend.

    1. Hello..Why don't you just email me..My email to contact me with a video file would be best through my gmail.

      I would be very interested in seeing what you were able to capture.

      I am aware that crafts do not have to remain the same in appearance..There is certainly much more to what goes on in our sky..than what we are told.

      I look forward to your email and speaking more with you.

      Thank you for sharing.




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