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The Greys

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Deep Freeze Doesn't Stop UFOs , Manitoba UFO - February 2019

One might never expect to see much, when temperatures have been plummeting to -40C and colder for many of nights this winter. 
It is strange to see oddities in the sky during winter. I guess I have become more accustomed to their presence in the summer time. 

The deep freeze doesn't stop UFOs from coming to Manitoba, Canada.

-Wednesday February 20th, 2019
-Approx. 6:05AM
-1 KM north of Rossburn, MB
-Large orange glowing sphere (UFO)

Near Riding Mountain National Park is a small town named Rossburn, Manitoba. 
I am residing there till I can head out to the "wild" in a couple months and live in peace..with nature. (I live in the area of all my close encounters.)

My husky, Zoso and I frequent walks together. We have been inseparable for most of her nearly 5 years of life.

It was Wednesday February 20th, 2019.

Zoso and I had been walking since around 5:30 AM and were halfway done our walk that morning.
It was a cold the -20s C.  It was still far warmer than the cold we have been enduring, this winter.
I was on the north part of  Rossburn. It was still dark outside and very quiet. The town doesn't become to active till a short time later in the morning.
At around 6:05AM, I was walking east when I looked over towards the north. I was on the north side of town when I saw it.

I immediately saw a large orange glowing sphere in the sky.
There are a few lights that are yard lights and street lights just north of town but nothing like what I was seeing. The object appeared further away than the ground lights.

My first thought was..Is that a reflection? I already knew it wasn't and had nothing to do with any street or ground lights. It was far larger...and it was the size of a building..but sitting in the sky.
It stuck out and was so obvious. I stopped walking and looked more closely at what I was seeing. I was certain it wasn't a reflection of any sort in the sky.

There in the sky...approximately a kilometer north of me (1km north of Rossburn) was what appeared like a very large orange ball of fire. I say that as description. It wasn't fire but energy. It appeared moving energy within the sphere. The orange in different hues moved on it..whatever it was. It was like bright embers.  It looked like a ball of energy.
It appeared for several seconds..before it literally just vanished in the sky in front of my eyes.

From where I stood..I would guess the object to be around 80 meters above the ground.

The large spherical UFO was around 20 meters across. It was not moving at all.

I stood there for the short duration that I could see it in the sky. It did nothing..It just sat there idly.
There were no sounds coming from the direction of the UFO. It was a fairly quick sighting. 
The object just vanished in front on my eyes.

I have seen several UFOs (crafts) in my life. Some of my close encounters have allowed me to see the speed, that some of these crafts can achieve. 
It is my own estimate that some of these UFOs can travel from a virtual standstill to over 136,000 kilometers an hour in a fraction of a second. That is just within our atmosphere.

It is as fast as a blink of an eye to see a craft travel nearly 50 kilometers..from near to away, "instantly"!

This object that I saw, did not move like most crafts/objects that I have seen in the past. This UFO did  appear to actually vanish. 
I did not see what direction it left, if it did leave in any direction. 

I did not see or hear anything else. I stood there for a few more moments and then looked down to my dog Zoso. She had not seen the UFO. 
Usually my dog is perceptive and notices them. She is like me and always looking up to the sky.

I decided to head back home and make note of what I had seen, just for the record.

Matters not day or night..winter or summer.....or even what part of the world you live in. UFOs are seen world wide. All one must do is look up, and keep their eyes open. 



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