The Greys

The Greys

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UFOs and Extraterrestrials - The Silent Truth

For years in our recent past, the topic of UFO and ET have been silenced by a government/media/religion/science/education induced ridicule of the subject.

The silence is becoming less, as the truth becomes more loud and obvious.

This post is more a visual for you to "take in".  

This is only but part of what has been shared to the masses via the Internet.  These images are part of the silent truth..

I cannot verify any of them..but I cannot just ignore the obvious facts..that we are not alone. I say that as fact, from my own close encounters and abductions.

These images of drawings, paintings, carvings and actual UFOs, represent hundreds..and thousands of years of Human history on Earth.

These first set of images depict events and the UFO / extraterrestrial presence on this planet. It is recorded from Human's somewhat not too distant past history on Earth.

These images in this next display are all Pre-Roswell crash photos.
UFOs - From 1900 to 1940

UFOs - 1940 to 1960

UFOs - 1960s

UFOs - 1970s

UFOs - 1980s

UFOs - 1990s

UFOs - 2000 to ongoing..

Crop Circles

I really cannot emphasize the importance to this truth of ET and UFO. I know how big this all is..and I know how important it should be, that we are aware.

There are so many people that claim matter of ET and UFO as fake..and non-existent. That number is starting to drop.

Governments, science, religion, all have stated these things are untrue. They are slowly changing their stance.

The visual proof continues to pour in onto the Internet from around the world. Not only have we pictures and videos, we have actual abductees that are sharing their experiences. 

I know from my own close encounters that it is only a matter of time until the truth is known by all, as it was meant since mankind began here.

Many people will continue to doubt until they see with their own eyes. I respect that from people. Experience is how we are to learn. Not by being told what is real..and what we are to "believe".

The best that can be done for now by people, is sharing the truth. 

That is why this blog is here. It is here for truth, for you.

As you continue your quest, discover my close encounters with UFOs and ET, with this link:
Part 1:  Taken by the greys - experiences



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