The Greys

The Greys

Friday, June 29, 2018

Alien Grey Soapstone Carvings

I would like to say ..."It is good to be back"!

I have been away from here for a long time..and been away from all the amenities of man..

..SO  for years I have survived without water... TV (I never watch TV) I am back to the basics of survival for the most part..but I have found comfort with nature.. I am for now living at the lake where most abductions have occurred, but I had been living very close by since 2014.

Apart from still seeing crafts..but not having any close encounters or abductions...I have found carving stones something that goes along with the peacefulness of mother nature..

These are two alien Grey carvings that I made..

They are made from soapstone..

The small head is that of a "Small Grey"..while the larger head..depicts a "Tall Grey"

They are not by any means exact or precise..but I have never shared anything about them other than the words from my experiences.
These do come from within...and it did take some time to do what I did with the stones..

I will come back with an update to what has been taking place on the fringe of Riding Mountain National Park. Today is not the day.

Today is the day I artistic and abductee side.

The greys are still with us..That much I can easily say is true.

Being away from society I have lost the urgency to get to the truth of ET. 

I find that life is so short..and whatever I say and do, won't change them being here. 

I do still keep my camera close at hand...but they know. They know when I have left my camera behind. They do show themselves and even my dog has seen. ( HA HA.. Everybody and their dog.).

I will be back ..with an update to everything that I have seen..since my last sharing. 

I still live without must travel to use any form of communications..other than smoke signals.

Peace all!



  1. We missed you Todd, we want to hear more updates and stories on your channel soon! We still be checking!

  2. how can I get an alien grey soapstone? they are awsome

    1. You can always email me at

      I will have some other "greys" soapstone carvings done shortly and they will be on my blog soon.

      Some of those will be available for purchase too.


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