The Greys

The Greys

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Greys - The Alien Agenda

The Greys - The Alien Agenda ...The Deep Truth

The Human Connection

I was not a religious person and for what I have experienced and am about to share, I am still not.

I want to make note that this which I am about to share, happened before my abductions /encounters with the greys started in 2002. 

This does not involve ET to start. In the end it will, as you read on.   

ET was the furthest thing from my mind and I did the best I could to get past my MIBs abduction, from earlier in life.

(MIBs abduction recall )

In the 1990s I was an On-Air Radio Personality - Announcer (DJ) and was in Alberta working, at the time.

I had just finished a six hour on-air shift at midnight, and started to travel straight from work to my parents. It was a six hour highway drive, to Saskatoon Saskatchewan from where I was.

I arrived in Saskatoon at around 7A.M. and was happy to sit and talk with my parents that morning. It was the reason that I had come out to see them. I had been missing them.

After sitting and talking with both my parents at the kitchen table for a couple hours, I went up to the spare bedroom. 

I was not going to sleep, I wasn't tired. I Just went to lay and relax for a bit. 
I felt a little exhausted from the drive and the 6 hour radio show before that, but was still ready to spend time visiting..after a "breather".

I laid down on the bed and let go a big breath of air. As I exhaled a large amount of spent air I became more relaxed. 

I lay there for a few minutes...just clearing my mind and seemingly exhaling stress with each deep breath expelled.

Laying there with my muscles relaxing, I began to stare up at the ceiling.

I continued to clear my mind of everything and still unintentionally using each breath to release and push everything away in my physical world (clearing my mind) and relaxing my entire body.

Staring up at the ceiling and looking at it's rough texture for some time and NOT thinking..I suddenly but gently was no longer staring at the ceiling above me.

I was now looking at the entire universe, though I was no longer looking through my eyes. 
I was now part of the universe. I was/am an entity (entity of life). I was energy.
I had no physical body, yet I could see everything and was everything within our massive universe. Not only matter, but everything in between. 

Existing as the most minuscule particles (quarks and electrons) to the largest masses in this universe.
I was everything, everywhere all at one time.

I understood human life..I understood life as one with the universe...I understood my energy was connected to all that exists.

This was more than just an "out of body" experience.

When we leave our physical body and become one with the universe, we do not lose our own being. We do not lose our consciousness or self awareness. We are still who we are ..but above human and so many primitive traits that have been instilled within us as Human.
My energy (me) became a part of the energy that streams everywhere and covers everything within our universe. (This energy that I describe may be the same of which the greys use/harness to power their spacecrafts/ UFOs).

When experiencing this life changing event, I could see the energy, feel it, I was part of it, the whole universe.

This energy that I refer connects everything.. to all things, including all of us.

While on this higher plain, I felt love like I could never in my existence (as human) imagine. 
I felt happiness that cannot even be described, fulfillment that is unimaginable. 

The understanding very small compared to what we can achieve by just doing so.

I cannot say exactly how long I was away from my to speak.
I came back the same way I left..suddenly but gently as I found myself still laying there, staring at the ceiling.

I quickly sat up with a rush of feelings that I had while out of body, and put my feet on the floor. 
EVERYTHING that I was..ALL that I understood..that I felt..was fading very quickly. 

The entire event moved me so much, that I had tears coming from my eyes. It changed me.

I understood immediately that my human brain cannot comprehend/retain all the massive amount of knowledge that one can access at this level. 

I tried to hold onto what I could. I did everything in my power to save some of what I was aware. I didn't want to lose everything that I had just experienced..understood..

For what I was able to obtain in knowledge, changed me. 

This experience made me a human, that I never knew before. It gave a perspective that changed or completed my outlook and understanding..

My understanding to life can never be looked at the same by me, even if I try. 

I truly became an awakened person.

I did search through many religions, and it took a bit of my time. I found nothing that came close to the awakening, I had.

I mean no offense to you if you are religious but from what I came away with knowing, is that there is no being in this universe that deserves to be worshiped. 

We ALL are connected and ALL are part of this great energy.

While in Saskatoon during a later date, I was back visiting my parents again. I happened into a book store to see if there were any good sales on books. 

After a short time there, I was just leaving when I happen to notice a paper on the cork bulletin board that mentioned a free lecture being held at the University of Saskatchewan.

It was on Buddhism and Soka Gakkai International (Canada) was presenting it. I had not yet looked into the Buddhist religion and I saw it as free an opportunity to learn more.

I attended and with a large group, I sat for hours paying attention. 

After listening very closely for the three hour lecture and finding it that Buddhists have a very interesting perspective, I went up to the speaker who presented the lecture after he was done. 
He was very knowledgeable and happy as to be representing Buddhism in Canada.
He was also happy to hear of my experience that I explained as best I could. 
Words can never truly describe what it is like to find oneself actually existing on a higher plain. The information is very overwhelming and much too much for the human brain to comprehend so quickly or even describe.
He seemed very amazed and told me a few things more about the religion. 
The bottom line was..What I had achieved, is what Buddhist monks try to achieve. Some it may take a lifetime, while others it may never occur.

We all can achieve this, but it takes the right state of mind and body to attain such..

What I also later discovered on my own was, my experience was my introduction into meditation as I had reached a very high meditative state. I would go as far as saying I reached true enlightenment.
I have never done so again and I have never truly tried. (it is something that you cannot "try" to achieve, it will happen if you let it".

 To access the state of mind and body ones needs to become one with the universe... one must achieve nothing.

For years I continued meditating somewhat. I have years of experience and am well in-tuned to breathing and other meditative states to try to ease the pains from a back injury.

I have learned much about my body and my mind and how very connected they are. It all started with something as simple as learning to relax the body and clearing the mind. 
Breathing is truly a key that helps open a new world. You learn to be aware of your body and mind, as they are one.

I know this all sounds so much like a religious person, but I still am not. 

I know that to attempt what we can achieve, one need not follow or worship in any religion to attain it. It is all within each of us already.
I have since gone through years of my life as changed human, and very aware of all the surrounding.
I thought I had life figured out as human, until my abductions started again when I returned to Manitoba. I could no longer ignore things as I had.

The Greys - The Alien Agenda

I have known the greys as being old, very old..

With a close friend in Scotland (Thelmadonna) who has had close encounters with the greys, it was determined that they are indeed very old.
The number of years may be small compared to the length of time that has passed in our universe...but they can live to be up to 900 years old. 
That is very old when comparing it to a human life span.

You may think that one could have all they wanted and more, being able to live a life that many times longer than human.. BUT that is not the way it is.

Having had my experience and being awaken to life itself, I understand what awaits.

I perceive religious humans as calling it "heaven"..or to others, "where the gods are".

Being human is part of our own learning experiences and being human is unique. We can achieve a higher plain of existence, both throughout life and with death. 

That is what the greys cannot achieve.

When I have been with them, I have always sensed the greys as being almost "soulless" or no energy. I do mean that in a nonreligious way. 
The greys are missing something. The way that things are when they enter my mind when taken..and how I can enter their mind when they do so, has allowed me to know more of what they are like.

The greys have never been like us and are not like us.
I know what it feels like being a part of their mind. 

I would not want to be like them. They are indeed very alien in thought, lack of emotion and just their existence compared to human.

When I put together all that I have learned from my years of experiences, I understand that the greys need to achieve a higher plain but cannot.

One may think it should be only natural for most living things to advance, but the greys are not like what we find with life here on Earth.

For years I have kept feelings and understandings inside and not really sharing with many people as I am now.

During a conversation with a close and very good friend who has been taken by the greys as well "Thelmadonna", we turned to the topic of what the greys want and what their agenda is.

I started by talking about them and their energies..or "souls"..and how I did not feel them as having that.
It was soon learned through the conversation between the two of us, that what I am aware..Thelmadonna is as well. 

However she describes what they being able to "reincarnate".

It helps if one steps back and looks at what this all entails:

- existing on higher plains while still being able to come back to human level of consciousness and existence.

- existing after the passing of this world (life after death)

- reincarnation

It all becomes even more obvious and I would never share this if I was not sure.

Having confirmation from others who have been taken by the greys, only solidifies what I know to be true already. 

Truth is why I share. 


There are many people that speak of hybrids and a very large portion of abductees that are aware of alien/human hybrids, by having introduction to them. Most times are during the close encounters and while on crafts (UFOs).

Humans are unique to extraterrestrials. I cannot say if it is the same for all other beings but to the greys, we do not compare. That is the reason for the apparent "breeding" that is taking place.

Many female abductees have ended up carrying a fetus within, only to have abduction occur again and have it taken out (away) from them. (I have been contacted and in communication with hundreds of female abductees, over the
It would only make sense that they use male humans as well, to continue the reproductive agenda.

There are supposedly two types of hybrids. One type that look mostly human and one type that do not appear human at all.

I have no memory of ever seeing one, so I cannot confirm or deny their existence, but I am certain that it is happening. 

I am aware simply because of all I have been through.

I may not have all details exact but I have no doubt that I am closer to the truth, than most of the world has been able to see far.

Now, we must step back in time somewhat. 

How did extraterrestrials ever find us here?
They never found us here. 

They brought us here..and we are as much alien to this the greys.

Now, look past the short time periods and look at the constant change that occurs in life..and the universe.

These earth like planets may be more rare, (more are being revealed every day) but there are other planets very close to what Earth offers. 
Some of these planets can and do harbor life, including Human life.

What we have taking place on Earth with the greys has been going on far longer than the entirety of our own Human existence here on Earth.

How many planets and how many times have the greys been "trying" to achieve
(higher plains of existence), what is only a natural occurrence for humans? 
There is no easy way to determine how deep our connection is without the full cooperation of the greys.

There are many abductees that feel that they were treated and tested, as humans would do with research animals. 

Some humans taken are never returned. I often wonder of the literal millions of people that have gone missing indefinitely, which ones are taken by the greys and not returned.

Considering the greys have been following this agenda for much longer than mankind has been on this planet and are STILL continuing, shows that what they want to attain may be impossible for them.

I am not meaning to scare anyone, but there are only two options if taken (abducted) and not returned by the greys.

One option is being taken to another Earth like planet that has other human species populating it.
The second option, is death. 

You can confirm this by learning of others abductions, where they have been shown other worlds including ones that have humans. 
I am aware of these planets through close friends who have been abducted too, and of which whom I fully trust and appreciate.

This article may be very hard for many to fully understand and may not answer all your questions but there is even more to come.

Upcoming, I will be sharing some things about the NWO which we all face. 
I will explain what I can on how we all have been played and lied to by the ones in power. 
I do see this lie of ETs non-existence as the largest and the most damaging lie in our history here.

There are many agendas being followed by the elite, the powers that be, the new world order, and in an upcoming article, I will focus on what I know and I will share my personal perspective as an abductee, about events that are occurring in the present around the world. 

Every one of us are part of it..willing and knowing...or not.

Our freedoms...our rights..and our access to truth are all being shut down. It is not coincidence..It is all connected to events to come.
There will be a close friend of many years, that I hope to include. She was part of the NWO or as it is called from the inside "the organization", and she walked away from it and has a inside perspective.

*Update* June 25, 2019

These links lead to most recent events and of more agendas.

2019 UFOs - Why The American Government Is NOW Admitting UFOs Are Real!

The American Government / Military Confirm "UFOs are REAL" What's Next?

NWO is no longer a myth, nor is ET.

The myths stop here, and the truth is shared.

My close encounters and abductions with "men in black" and the greys start on this link with part 1 (MIBs and Greys)

If you have read this far..then please share this. 
..Truth is meant to be free and shared.

To learn of many of my encounters, you can listen to a interview I did on the Jeff Rense Radio Show "Sightings" a few years ago.
I have updated the video to help others perhaps..understand things more clearly as they were.
The video is over an hour time to listen..





  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. When will you write the next one? :D

  2. Hi, I believe that you had out of body experiences. Although i believe that if u were born into the world with flesh through your parents then the spirit part of you comes from God. I hope u wont b closed mind. The greys are the children of fallen angels. They were known as Giants. They are evil and they desire to live in flesh again. They are cunningly distracting u from knowing God. God came to earth as God and as a human (Jesus) to give us understanding of the truth. When u allow your spirit to drift off into the spirit world you could bring them or a demon back with you. They will give you strong knowledge, illusions and a feeling of false love. True love is expressed through continuous sacrifice. I have experienced many encounters where they are try'n to enter into me. I pray against them. They will one day unite with Lucifer and his demons to take over the world and the people through the same methods they persuaded you with.

    1. No offence, but you are referred to us "The Awaken Ones" ( I Too am a contactee with a n experience vert silimlar to Todds, BTW, Thank you Todd for Sharing...anyway, No offence my friend I coudnt help but notice one of the first things you said to Todd was "I hope You have an Open Mind" Well, If you would have read what he wrote and comprehended it properly you would have never asked or suggested his mind be open. He mentioned "Awakening" an open mind is one of the attributes included In that awesome experience, and experience that an , (Keep an open mind , NO OFFENCE, this is simply my view) an experience that you, an indoctrinated, brainwashed, Bible fed hypocrite will never experience because of the stone age limited reality that you chose based on what Im guessing was fear,, you were prolly very young and without many options due to that reality. What I mean is , that reality provides you with one direction that goes in circles..The Bible has a lot of wisdom in it, Ill give you that, if it didn't no one would read it, but I don't care how much truth is in a book, if its not proven its fiction. and that particual book of fiction goes around and around lies covering up lies. Most indoctrinated people brainwashed by the Bible do good things to get to Heaven and the opposite for that said their motives are based on reward or fear, a little old fashioned brainwashing id you ask me. My Question to you is why do you so arrogantly insist that all beings in this Universe exept us who by the way are the newest most violent, ignorant sopecies in the entire Universe, of coarse we have something really special going on, but that all been hidden from us from the Books Like the Bible lol...and our History Books. all history was created by those with an agenda for money and slavery, HUMAN OWNERSHIP. Ive dedicated my existence to two things, Surfing and bettering myself by seeking truth and wisdom. I'll admit I have a lot to learn, but I thinks its common sense to acknowledge that these beings are millions yrs older and way more technologically advanced than we are, they aren't capable of anything we wont eventually learn ourselves, I can understand with the ignorance back in the Bible days, that would lead people to believe that the power of flight could be categorized as a Godly/Demon like being...but, nope, they're just another species in the Universe that had a hand in our creation, That what this specific species of Grey (there are countless groups of Greys byBTW, all with unique agendas and purposes, some self serving, some are genetic wizards who create species for othe Et groups to serve specific agendas.) So God's creation? I guess thqt depends on your understanding of God, I went to church as a child, but it didn't serve me as fact, of coarse I was Born on an Air force Base and have had countless ET experiences, the only Abductions were MILABS, but they quit once I made them. Thankfully, because honestly they were the only experiences that were fear based Bullshit .After years of electronic harassment I didn't care whether I lived or died and something tells me that was what they were after, my suicide to keep me from writing a book. Ive heard a lot of people saying all you have to do to Christ and it scares them....mmmm, I don't think so, Theya re deterred simply because you asked them too and I believe they rtespect our spiritual beliefs, for whatever reason they are (from what ive read) very intrigued by our belief systems, its prolly has something to do with what Todd mentioned Then moving on to higher realms, anyways, I know cognitive dissonance kicks you in the ass as far as the Bible gopes, because people invest their souls into it and its not easy to admit or take accountability for you possibly being mistaken,,,but, it better late than never,

    2. Before we all become preachy, let us analyze the subject, the bible, entirely. Throughout the bible there is no mentioning of fallen angels and their heirs having four digit hands and feet. Quite the contrary. They are said throughout several verses to have had six digits on each hand and each foot. The Greys only have four- with the exception of some abductees describing what might be hybrids with five digits.
      If you want to be a preacher the n you have to read your doctrine entirely.

    3. The fallen angels ha six digits on hand and foot... As opposed to four.

  3. My name is Warwick and I strongly believe that I have had Alien contact since the age of 5. I am now 42 years old and have no clue as to what is going on with me and why for that matter. I don't claim to possess any advanced knowledge just a life time of questions. I do know that now I'm older I am no longer afraid of them just the questioning. I have 6 journals with dreams that I have jotted down over the years. Memories come and go and some stay strong as if they happened yesterday. I too feel as though I have "fathered" other life forms. I can't physically prove this only trust my inner knowing. Now that I have met my beautiful partner we have had shared contact experiences in the past year. To the point where we fill in each others "blanks"...We have also seen UFO's together as well. I would love to discuss this matter further with like minded people. Please note that I don not come from a fear base perspective only a perspective of seeking answers. Please feel free to contact me on if you wish to keep in touch. Many thanks.

    1. Hello, thank you for stepping up and sharing..You are always more than welcome to email me..if there is anything I may be able to help with.



    2. Interesting, I had same experience... I become shooting star and met another shooting star. we start spin and become like galaxie .... become part of everything. wholeness. love peace nirvana state. took three years to come back normal. ..

    3. Warwick your stories intrigue me!!! Please keep them coming!!! How do you get to be "friends" with Greys?! I want a friend like that

  4. I have never been a believer in ufo's or aliens my whole life, up until about three months ago, I had a dream, (and I'm sure that's all it was) however since that "dream" I have had the urge to explore the stars and look out into space, mind you I've had 50 yrs to do so, but never had the urge until now. My dream was about speaking to an odd being, not human and nothing like the so called greys people talk about. They really didnt communicate much except to lead me to believe that there has to be other life out in our universe somewhere.

    1. Be careful mate. The Grey's are cloned atomatons and they have no emotion whatsoever. It just begs the question why do they need to create hybrids? Are they building an army? If so then they are malevolent to say the least, I have seen ufos but to my knowledge never been abducted... Thank God.

    2. What if his contact point was a Pleiadian?

  5. I have communed with beings on the other side,and have learned that they are unconscious parts of my spirit.Parts of wich i have not realised and accepted in my little corner of the universe.By accepting these parts,over time,i have become more complete,more happy.
    Our spirit,is so much more strange and mysterious than we are capable of understanding,and to compensate for our lack of understanding,imagination fills out the rest with powerful effects.

  6. Hi, dont freak out about aliens I livw in alaska and all you hear are horror stories about "THE GREYS. Listen I have made friends with one of the greys. His name is albatonin and loves to talk about politocs and drink warm tea. He comes over twice a week to see how me and my family are doing. He has a crazy acsent but can speak english pretty well. I would post a picture but I dont want to get in trouble. So bottom line greys are nothing like you would be led to believe. Soon ill be building an additional room to the house so he can stay whenever he likes. Have a nice day.

    1. My contact info is I'm intrested in your experiences with they greys if you don't mind

    2. Please contact me, i would really like to talk to a grey to.
      And i hope you are not joking.

  7. I understand the part about the out of body experience, I have had this happen to me many times throughout my life and I imagine if I wanted to I could put myself into that state again pretty easily. It's a case of laying down and thinking; about anything really, then your body seems to fall asleep but you are still fully conscious and seemingly aware of your surroundings. I always felt terrified when in this state and had a strange sense of being shaken in my bed and it was sometimes a struggle to force myself to wake up...anyway.

    It happened once a few years ago and I had a feeling that I was not alone in the room, and whatever this energy was came slowly towards to my head; I felt like my body was shaking violently as if having a seizure and my ears where buzzing. This got stronger as the energy got closer to the left hand side of my head. I felt a sense of extreme heat but without any pain at the left side of my head. All I can remember was utter fear and helplessness, I literally forced myself awake with everything I had and it was a real struggle it felt like I might die if I didn't wake up, I awoke sat up bolt right in bed.
    I've not allowed myself to go into that state since because of this incident, all incidents prior to this one where tolerable and I always felt alone sometimes I could see things but most of the time I was blind but could sense everything.

    1. That's called Lucid Dreaming

    2. It wasnt lucid dreaming it was them next to you it happend to me s few times, on the 3rd time I knew what was happing so I tryed to force my eyes open, got them barly open and could see thier blurred figures standing around me and then one spoke to me telapathicaly and said I love you mom!, I take this as maybe I have a half hybrid child because I was abducted in april of 1998, and these visits that I had of them was 2011, when I was abducted in 1998 I was taking from my room and awoke in a bright room with no end, I could feel the cold metal on my back , and preasure behind my ears in which I now have a tiny little slit scare under each earlobe, I was truly terrified screaming, I saw what looked like the greys standing around me and from a far distance I could see clearly a looked to be a about 8 foot man with a large long reptile tail, maybe he was half human half reptilian I didnt get to see his face, then I aappear ed back in my room with this short vivid memory and a feel of hopelessness, and till now always have felt as if I lost a part of me! , especially after these last few visits I had in 2011, I know now why I feel sad I really believe I have a hybrid child out there somewhere, hybrid or not he/ she is part of me, and I will probly never have the chance to share life with, a mothers love is unconditnal, I have 6 kids and I know somewhere 1 so geuss I have seven!

  8. I have wondered what was in this place we all call "space" I would like to know what is out there, I know earth isn't the only place with human life forms. If this "space" is so huge then why are we the only planet with life forms. That can to me one day. It was one of the many questions I have that no one has the ability to give me a concrete answer. I would like to know more about these "Grey's" I am a 15 year old teenager with an advanced learning brain. I am not a nerd. I'm just extremely curious as I too do not have any sort of religion. I want to understand the greys with full understanding of they're existence, whether they may only exist in our mind, soul, or body. I am no longer nïave.

    1. I would like to get information about wat is rly going on ive been researching and usually fall on articles written by you guys.
      Heres my

  9. I destincly remember having an out of body experience and also believe all humans are 100% able to communicate without speaking at all. I'm a realist and 100% believe in the vats and greys and everything else involved in alien talk and chatter. Most people only use 10% of their minds capabilities. The forces are strong and few things are brought to surface to help us with nwo. We should talk about ways to empower our people and not talk around it. When in the outer body experience go deeper within to unlock the things which no one really wants to discuss if they have been there. Become the puppet master of our skin to watch our skins master the things no one wants to discuss. Fear is the weakness leaving our body.:-) dracdrac

  10. I have never been in contact nor do I want to. but I am just very interested after seeing many weird things happening to my friend in Alaska

  11. I would like to hear more from anonymous, Alaska about him befriending a "Grey"
    Iain Australia

  12. Trust me the greys have souls. The thing they lack is individuality. They all think the same, look the same, smell the same. They want to be unique that is what they are after. You could not exist without a soul that would make you part of nothing.

  13. Dear Todd, I have just sent you an email, please get back to me when you are able.
    Thank you,

  14. Hi Todd,

    I just came across your article and I also have had an experience being abducted by a "grey" along with some events that have occurred just a few years beforehand. Would like to speak to someone else who experienced this personally. Please contact me

    Appreciate it, thank you.

  15. From all credible evidence it would seem that the Greys are actively creating a hominoidal replacement for the human being hominoid--one with less ego, less affect, and more intelligence shared in a hive mind. It's not about the Greys needing anything for themselves, but rather a flawed and/or incompletely designed bipedal life form in constant danger of destroying itself and the host planet on which it lives. Time is running out; the defective beings--which we all are--demand a new and improved version. See you in all in the next form!

  16. I am doing a lot of research and in doing so, I believe these "Greys" are possibly fallen angels.They are refered to in the bible as the sons of God, giants, or Nephilim. They procreated with the daughters of man. You must read the bible. It tells the story. Also, people who have outer body experiences and say they went to heaven say they experience a peace come over them like the have never felt before...

    1. I agree with this. And I want to put emphazis on the fact that history how we know it and in this case it includes also the bible...was faked and is beeing faked constantly. So it is very difficult to unterstand the bible today because a lot of details got missing or were rewritten on purpose.

  17. Todos são gado....estão prestes a conhecer o 4° reicht.sem dó nem piedade outra vez.

  18. They r here to make a warrior class they came once started a hybrid program and made Atlantis we all know what happened. This time with there knowledge and human physical abilities they can finally destroy the blues. Earth is like star wars humans r the sith race. Only a few atlantians remain from the first program my family has kept it a secret for centuries we r the watchers in the Bible. You're not ready for the higher plan and u may never b

  19. Dear Todd,the words You used about what happened the 1990s : You can call it the knowledge of completeness of self(-or a main part of it ).It is extremely rare to experience it,and You had been right informed by this Canadian Buddhist,he may
    never or had experienced it.---This You know
    It is my duty after finding Your text to confirm You about this.
    I make no comment about other topics You wrote or are planing to do.

    With cordial greetings and best wishes for the New Year 2014

    PD D.Landolf K.A.Schoenle
    Berlin,Germany ,12/30/2013
    Email: pdd.schoenle@

  20. Dear Todd,the words You used about what happened the 1990s : You can call it the knowledge of completeness of self(-or a main part of it ).It is extremely rare to experience it,and You had been right informed by this Canadian Buddhist,he may
    never or had experienced it.---This You know
    It is my duty after finding Your text to confirm You about this.
    I make no comment about other topics You wrote or are planing to do.

    With cordial greetings and best wishes for the New Year 2014

    PD D.Landolf K.A.Schoenle
    Berlin,Germany ,12/30/2013
    Email: pdd.schoenle@

  21. Dear Todd,

    Sry Dude I really appreciate your vids and effort... But after I read you are not religious person i stoped reading. Consider if there is a god there are also demons (nephilim) and they are fukin real. ( no sarcasm) ...pls reconsider your belief system.

    Sry for beeing rude - I wont be anymore. Plesse read to the End.

    Question: I assume we agree that nWo is in ocultism.right? (If you dont pls make some research - its just too obvious) Are these people really so dumb and stupid to belive in smth what does not exist.? You have to admit that they are highly intelligent - I mean they run the world right?! Oviously so intelligent that they made us all belive (through Manipulation) that there is no god. Do you still have doubts? It is important to know that the bible says explicit that there are demons and fallen angels.

    Plesse consider one last thing: Nobody has ever prooven that there is a god. This is used to be said by non-belivers - Right? BUT there was also never ever a proof that god does NOT exist! Isn't it a great thing that they made religious people look like morons -if you say you belive in god people are lautghing at you.

    All your ancestors where Christians and belivers in god please do not throw thousands of years of your own history simply away.

    Plesse be open minded and open your mind for the possibility that there is a god and the bible is true. After some research you'll find the explanations you are looking for. I garantee you.

    Pls make also some research on social engineering - i think this is the reason why the Internet isnt censored yet.
    Sry for bad english and i know you do not give a thing on this but God bless you!!!

  22. Id like to be more informed

  23. Did you realize that alien/human genetic experiments by our government with reptilian aliens may have been going on for years? Find out what the aliens are doing with what they take from cattle mutilations in the underground Dulce Base – this is not science fiction, this is so much worse!

  24. I believe that science and even our own recorded history has done a fine job disproving god an religion. Close minded fools blindly follow without researching both sides! I believe in habitable planets and aliens, but I also think most people are really confused about consciousness and reality. Your brain is based on electrical impulses that easily can cause you to recieve false information. I firmly believe that 99 percent of encounters with et and 100 percent of encounters with ghosts are all bullshit! Sorry guys

  25. My Point Of View: Taken up on the air and ufo Aliens deception

  26. This book sounds interesting The Allies of Humanity
    .Over twenty years ago, a group of individuals from several different worlds gathered at a discreet location in our solar system near earth for the
    purpose of observing the alien intervention that is occurring in our
    world. From their hidden vantage point, they were able to
    determine the identity, organization and intentions of
    those visiting our world and monitor the visitors'
    activities. This group of observers call
    themselves the "Allies of Humanity."

  27. Hi gang! I just want to thank each and every one of you. I appreciate your honesty and the open mindedness.
    Truth seems to buried again and again through time..and history as it is rewritten to satisfy the conquerors.
    It seems the problem of NWO and the agendas to dumb-down and kill the masses is underway. It is easy to write off so much as we all have been conditioned to accept what we are told.
    Lies rule this world...and only we as humans being can stop it...and open the world to the truth...Such dreams seem to be of many..Perhaps someday the world will awaken.

    Life has so much more to offer than what "society" and "the powers that be" seem to allow one to "believe".

    There is still UFO activity out here in The Parkland Region as it would seem the same all around this planet.
    The Greys are here still. I hear so much from people that say..."they are gone". I can only laugh quietly and think..they are only gone...if your eyes are closed. ;)

    Peace All!

    Taken By The Greys


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