The Greys

The Greys

Monday, December 30, 2019

Navy Video - UFO Releasing Chemtrails Into Earth's Atmosphere.

This video which was taken by the Chilean Navy, shows a UFO /OVNI releasing chemicals into the air.

The UFO was recorded in November 2014, over the ports of San Antonio in the Valparaiso region.

It was recorded using an infrared high-definition camera.

The sighting was made by a crew of an Airbus Cougar AS-532. The camera operator had detected an "unknown" and it was flying at a constant speed in front of the helicopter.

Both pilot and camera man witnessed the event for over ten minutes.

They were still unsure what they were seeing and tried to communicate with the object using the radio. There was no response and radar was unable to spot the object.

Twice in the ten minute encounter the men witnessed the UFO released "chemicals" into the air.

To end the UFO sighting, the pilot and camera man lost sight of the craft in the clouds and did not see it again.


Governments in the past have stated that chemtrails are conspiracy. They also said that UFOs are not real and do not exist...
Now...they say that "chemtrails" are real..but it is called GEOENGINEERING. They now also state that UFOs are REAL!!

There is a deception underway...just as we have been lied to for the decades before.

Perhaps people are scared...or maybe they are ignorant. There should be no excuse for what is occurring to our sky..our land...our water...everything alive...including us.

This is not an accident..ALL of this has been part of the agenda.

There is an "alien agenda" being followed, but it is not aliens that are following it at the moment..It is us.

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