The Greys

The Greys

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The American Government / Military Confirm "UFOs are REAL" What's Next?

The American government, including military have admitted to UFOs being very REAL.

They have openly lied and denied the existence of these crafts for over 70 years.

Now stepping forth and slowly bringing bits of truth to the public, the American government have yet to admit to ET's existence. Of course these crafts with ET, have been seen throughout our recorded history on Earth. Some of the instances date back as far as ancient paintings on rock walls,  written accounts during the Roman times (400AD) and even paintings from the 1800s.

We are in a time where we must awaken..The slumber we are in is purposely induced by the ones who fear the truth, the ones who have control.

Here is something to think about and I do not mean to offend anyone...but...Have you ever notice how most religions await for their gods return? 
Have you ever notice how most "gods" are to return from the SKY?
Have you ever notice how many of these gods are to return on ships..coming down from the sky?

I guess for is almost laughable it is so obvious..and it is right in front of everyone's face.

It is sad how we have been think that so many of the illusions presented to us are real.

I know I could come across as "crazy" to some for what I am sharing now...but they cannot call me crazy for sharing all my "real UFO" experiences through the years till now.
There is no fiction when it comes to extraterrestrial vehicles ETVs or UFOs.

This is a video, that I have made recently while up at the lake where most of my close encounters have occurred. 

I try to share some insight..or outside perspective...or a bit of both.

Let's just say that my abductions..allow me to feel justified to share what I do.

I only offer things as insight..and one can take it..or leave it. It matters not, to me.

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