The Greys

The Greys

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Greys - Why They Look As They Do

Why do the alien greys look like they do?
Have you ever thought about it? What would make a species appear so out of proportion like the alien greys?

I have had several years to think about this. Having been taken by the greys and with having seen with my own eyes twice, I know for certain what they appear like.

I've wondered over the years what might cause such. 
Is it reasons within their body that make it so?
They have such very large heads with smaller bodies that are very skinny when put next to humans. 
Both the short greys at approximately 4 feet and the tall greys at approximately 6 feet are very skinny, both appear the same out of proportion to their heads.

Is it their brain, which may be capable of much more intelligence, and may be much more active, that causes such a “off balance in size” appearance?
They seem far more intelligent than humans. Could they actually have a larger brain that would “naturally” cause them to have a very large skull and considerably thinner jaw area?

After tossing it around for years and having only been able to think and compare to humans. I did discover what could be, a very likely reason for the extraterrestrial greys to appear as they do.

One thing that we can only guess is, where do the greys come from and what is the planet like that they originate from.

After looking at everything over and over, that I know, I came to a conclusion that they may appear so “out of proportion” due to their home world. 
I'll explain.
Water pressure can cause appearance change with the human head and body, The change is striking similar to what the greys appear like.

What I am presenting may be very close to the truth. We have no way to determine facts unless we have an alien that would allow to be studied. The odds are it would have to be a dead alien for that to actually happen and we all know that "Area51" would never allow such.

I cannot say how the human body in whole would react to atmospheric pressure but according to a display, it shows how a human head and partial body would look under water pressure.

This image is what the human head appears like with surface pressure from Earth's atmosphere.
 At 2000 feet below the surface of the ocean the human head has changed drastically.
 At 6,000 feet, the human head has been manipulated by pressures to appear almost alien.
 The similarities between the greys and humans at this depth is very obvious

It is not that far off to consider that the alien greys may have originated from a planet that was very large and had high atmospheric pressure. Or their planet was made of liquid of sorts and they came to be in appearance due to the pressures thousands of feet below surface.

There is only one other idea that I have in regard to them appearing as they do.

As a fact , I know that they travel in crafts (UFOs) that can achieve instant speed at thousands of miles an hour from a virtual stand still. The crafts can do sharp turns and also stop instantly from speeds that are thousands of miles hour.

Considering their means of transport, I can also speculate that if not for their origin, then they may appear as they do simply because of space travel and pressures involved.

The G-force alone would crush any human. Yet these beings seem to make it part of their normal existence here as they comb our sky around the world at speed most cannot see.

For the greys being able to travel within our atmosphere at such impossible speeds leads me to believe they can travel much faster in the deep of space, without the friction found in atmospheres of other planets, like Earth. 

This video shows the speed of a craft (likely the greys) and how fast it can achieve such. I know such speed as true and real from my close encounters.

In conclusion: Whatever the exact reason, the greys likely have or had something to do with existing within high pressure. Whatever it was, caused them to look as they do

It may be an atmosphere or liquid pressure from their home world, or they could be an example of what spending too much time traveling through space at excessive speed, may do.

The world should be focusing on the reasons we are not alone and should be long past wondering if real.

There is a very good reason for this mass coverup and it has cost billions of dollars to keep it a subject of ridicule. The governments and the ones in power, would rather you do not know truth. They have their own selfish reasons.

Stay tuned...In an upcoming article will be sharing my thoughts on what everyone seems to be talking about, a “fake alien invasion”.
I will be discussing why it could happen and what needs to happen to make it a successful fear campaign, brought on by “the powers that be” and NWO.

I will be sharing a perspective that seems to come from only those, who have been taken



  1. Hey Todd
    Interesting what you write.
    I have seen the glimpse of a blue alien on rare occasions.only the head,but enough to make me amazed and alert.
    Started years ago,me seeing this tiny blue ball of light ,like an electric discharge in my brain,on rather stressful occasions,and then finally one night on the floor meditating,i see a face and a figure in the same electric blue.
    It tells me i have friends of the other kind.:-)

  2. I've just discovered your blog and I like it.
    Something happened to me in the beginning of the 80's, can't remember the exact year. I saw a small grey in my room. Years later some men in black visiting me several times but while I sleep. In 2008 there was a lot of UFO's activity next to where i live but everybody thought I was nut and that it was all in my head so since then I keep quiet.
    Will follow your blog, lots of reading to do :)

  3. Well I have never thought about it that way. But maybe their look shows us that they are living in a dark world where there is no sun?
    Anyway, I have only got a glimps of some short aliens during night in my bedroom. They were short but I am not sure if they were grey or blue. Maybe there was the light in the room that was blue... Another time I was visited by a tall black beeing in a hood. I could not see him with my eyes, but in my mind. I was really scarry, I thought I was going to die. Real evil forces.
    Although I have been visited a lot since 2008 I haven't seen them. I have only felt them - and got a lot of scars and bruises on my body.

  4. Hey Todd. I live in Kansas City and a year back I was driving back from the city at night and I saw a bright light (VERY big) in the sky. I looked over and it faded and fell the erupted in light a second time. fell and faded and lit up a third time. My parents and noone else saw it that I know of. I was scared to death because I thought it was a asteroid but you have made me see that It could've been a Unidentified Flying Object.

  5. Very interesting thoughts indeed. Eva, like you.. I believe mine started in the 80's in a small town in NJ.. Now that I am older, I see ufo's at least once or twice a week. Have woken up with marks.. strange thoughts and visions. Be safe!

    1. In these times all the cell phones and people having to have them every second and panic when they don't have them why cant someone that seems them that much take good pictures and prove it

  6. I have a similar experience..

    I was never abducted(atleast not that I remember), but there are times when I sense a non-human presence in the room with me, and I sometimes get sudden, intrusive thoughts where it seems something wants to make contact or wants to be "let in".

  7. I have never seen a grey or any kind of ailian but is it a bad thing that I want to so bad??? It is ridiculous to think that we are the only ones in the universe. I know they are out there. Sometimes I go out and stair at the night sky hoping I see something but no luck yet. Do you have to be chosen??? Do they only pick a certain type of people to abduct or to see them even??? I want to know...much respect to the people who have been abducted by the third kind and live to talk about it.

  8. Hi im 17 and sometimes i feel like im gonna go insane oneday just so much running throigh my brain.But this is my conclusoin on whu they look how they look.Big heads Small bodies Reading a book on roswell also found out no sexual organs.If you apply darwins law of evolutoin its actualy quite simple on why they would look like that ajd possibly OUR OWN EVOLUTOIN.Humans all the time evolving both mentaly and huh somhow pysicaly atleast in america bodies are devolving because are tech is letting us do so if u use darwins law evolutoin with are brains constantly evolving able to use technollogy for mostly everything even mating witch is why the grey caught in roswell had no sexual organs.And using tech all the .htime machines TO LIFT ARE STUFF FOR US ALREADY BEING DONE in result are musclr well ger weaker and we wont use them as much evolutoin states if u dont use something as much or use it more to survive nature it.changes to wether or nor ur using it.You can enail me at any questoons anymore of the crazy stuff my.brain constantly thinks linking events and knowlege togather

  9. Didnt finosh sorry but as saying if heading in our current directoin are bodies will get small and head get bigger are heads have already grown dramaticly since Jesus witch i believe is posi ly a hybrid alien arrived with the DNA to cure pur cavemanism

  10. With your pressure idea makes me think cause i watched a doc. The pther day.about "ANCIENT CITYS UNDER WATER and water if the greys are right under are noses in are oceans we stil.havnt discovered most of the ocean just like we havnt discovered most

  11. Adfter reading some comments about 6 months ago me and some friend were outside it was dark and my friend john.was there and he also beliebes the more Technical hypothsis that god is alien and theres is otheres to and me and him saw something in the sky like a green light kinof only me ans him saw it even though we were telling the otheres its rite.tjere see and it started blinkingfor like 3 secs ot was blinking ot disapeered for about asec after that amd appeared a little bit farther from qwere we saw it blinking and thenit was gona kind of like it was starting up mabye beimg turned on

  12. The Grey's are us but from a future time. They arena highly developed version of ourselves that are able to travel back in time to gain a greater understanding of their origins. IMHO.

  13. I think the Grey's are actually us from the future. They have developed so far that they are able to return to study to their source planet, earth.

    1. Very interesting thought Michael. My brother had the same theory and shared it with me a while back. Im baffled at all the information that I've read and how it is all relative. I'm very anxious to find out more.

  14. I was visited by a small group of greys some time last year. I was sleeping, but it seems like it was a lucid dream. I was consciously thinking, and processing the situation. The only message I received from them was that I was ready. I don't believe they physically talked. It was more like the statement was implanted in my head. That part is hard to describe. Anyway,I was filled with a sense of fear, and expressed a deep unwillingness to go with them. I told them I couldn't leave, that I wasn't ready to leave my children. I fought them off. I believe it was my deep conviction, and love for my children that I was taken.

  15. When I was 17 I saw a bright light in the sky. I went missing for 2 full days. When i was found i had all my finger nails removed and a piece of silver behind my eye lid. im now 34 and still hav trouble sleeping. So hard 2 talk about this. :(

  16. I like what you have written but it seems in your own words you have been taken by the grays and then go to say that at the speed they travel the g-forces alone would crush any human so how is it possible to be taken by the greys and be returned without being crushed?

    1. The greys certainly have more than one speed with their crafts (UFOs). I know what it is like being in the craft but I really do not recall bering in a craft that is moving fast.
      When taken by MIBs (could be the greys) the only time when i was concious and aware..we were moving at a speed I would guess at between 70 and 130 kmh. That is far from what they can achieve in our atmosphere for speed.
      For being able to gain the speeds the greys can achieve, it would make sense to me that the inside of their crafts are as bare as they are. The rounded edges and no sharp corners with in the craft are likey do to they exsessive speeds they do travel at.
      When I describe the way they travel as being able to crush a human with the g-force, I say it comparing the ONLY way we know how to travel.
      To be able to travel many miles in a fraction of a second from a stand still..takes more than what we are known to be able to do.


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