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The Greys

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chasing UFOs? Weird Zig Zag Contrail and Military Predator Drone In The Parkland Region of Maniotba. Sept/2013

I have been away for some time.. I just spent over three months in the Parkland Region of Manitoba.

I had a few very strange occurrences take place, that will likely be mentioned in the near future on my site.

What I have shared here is something that I cannot just simply ignore..even though most would if they saw this in the sky.

I was going out to my lake Friday September 13, 2013. It was still early evening when I was nearing my lake. Still 15 miles as the crow flies to get to the cabin, I noticed something strange in the sky as we were nearing the turn off.
I first thought there was a strange cloud in the sky.. I grabbed my camera and I had my friend pull the vehicle over.
As I zoomed in with my camera, I soon saw what appeared even more strange that what I had seen.

This was not a cloud but a contrail of sorts. The contrail was zig zagging in a way that would not allow any conventional aircraft to continue to fly without crashing.

Zig zag contrail - Click to enlarge

As I increased the zoom on the camera at the beginning,  I has also noticed a silver glint in the sky.

Strange zig zag contrail and drone (top right) - Click to enlarge

My attention turned quickly toward I already knew it was not a jet craft or plane that reflected the sun.
 What I was seeing was a military drone (UAV) that had passed the strange contrail trail and was starting to bank more toward my direction.

I focused more on the drone now (not ever seeing one like this in Manitoba). It became very apparent that  this was a military drone and..far from the cheap toys that mainstream media has been presenting to the public as, what are being flown within the province.

This is a short video to show things...No sound through most as there was music playing and I would not be able to share if I had included sound.

There were things that went through my mind as I was recording ...

- Why is this drone not monitoring the border?

- What is such a very expensive and high piece of technology doing over an area that has farmland, wilderness, and lakes.

- Who is controlling it?

- What caused such a strange zig zag contrail and how could it do so..with out crashing?

As an abductee and being out there for over a decade, this leads me to think that there is only one main reason why this is taking place in such a low population area, it is government awareness of ET and UFOs. 

I am far from being the only one out in the Parkland Region of Manitoba that has been witness to crafts and had close encounters with crafts..  There are many down to earth people that are all very aware of what we have taking place in our sky..Most remain silent, through their lives. but I have made many friends over the years..and with friendships..come sharing.




  1. Hey Todd,

    Very interesting article, I watched your video on youtube and there is no doubt in my mind that you did film a drone. I was just wondering did you witness any spraying from this drone? as drone tech gets cheaper I'm thinking they could be used for spraying as well as for the contrail you saw it looks very strange. could be something breaking up in the upper atmosphere. too hard to tell. but you could be right about the govt investigating ufo's I'm sure they got radar hits and it would make perfect sense to send out drones to investigate.


    1. The contrail was not formed by the drone..The drone approached the contrail from the north. It began to turn and passed the trail on the east of it. It was not responsible for the very strange zig zag trail.

      As for it being atmospheric reason the trail looked as it does...I would have to say I do not feel that idea is the correct assumption at all.
      I am aware of such trails in the America not many..It seemed a very secretive thing..
      The bottom line is, I have no explanation..other than the trail is far from simply explained, it is not natural.
      I guess the thing is..I KNOW there is so much going on in that area where this took place.
      I was more shocked to see a military drone in that area, than I would have been to have seen a greys craft/ UFO.

  2. That's cool, I'm not trying to doubt you just trying to get a perspective on the situation, the only thing I can think of is that maybe the contrail came from a infra red heat seeking missile maybe fired from that drone? if it had locked on to a object and that object took evasive action it could have dragged the missile into a zig zag, all modern day drones are armed with infra red camera's allowing them to see things we cannot i.e a cloaked Ship? . modern military drones can carry the sidewinder aim 9L or the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile, or AMRAAM these missiles can pass the speed of Mach 4 still probably not fast enough to shoot down grey/tech but it would be a governments dream to get a hold of that kind of technology so why not gamble 300k on a chance?

  3. Hello..I do not mean disrespect..Each human is entitled to their own opinion.

    I have tried to find this drone type..and I have not found the exact..unless this is able to be converted from surveillance to an attack drone. If it is..then that does not shock me at all..after seeing it there.

    I would love to hear the explanation..if there is one at all...If they can explain the drone..then they can explain the contrail.. Well..not that anything is true when it comes from such sources..but I would be interested in what story they are suppose to use. ;)

  4. This looks like a cruise missile, when stopping the video you can clearly see the shape is very similar

    1. Hi John.
      I do agree that the two shapes are very similar to each other. I would suspect the technologies between cruise and drones are on much the same path and research.
      It was very obvious when I saw the drone that it was not a regular aircraft. How small it was in size was the most obvious thing.

      It's sad, but some of the Canadian national media were interested i this, to start..and then..not.

      It would be an issue if made known to the seems things are meant to remain quiet about US flown/operated drones flying well into Canada airspace.

      I simply cannot just toss the whole thing aside..when I know what is taking place in the area..with ET and their UFOs.
      The weird zig zag contrail..and the drone that should not be there..are not right..and most people here where I am..are far from ever knowing the truths to what we have taking place in our own sky.

      I wish you well, my friend. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  5. I'm sure this is a very secretive craft. But the Canadian; Michael S, remains quiet, for he knows the truth about what's going on over the Manitoba Sky.


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