The Greys

The Greys

Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Alien Abductee's Insight On The Passing Of 2012

This is my own video...I have been asked numerous times about 2012..and this is my video response.

Updated May 25th, 2011
Note:  I will say here..again..I cannot say when things will occur but I am sure it will be in the next few most.
When I can get and share visual proof in the will be like a slap in the face for many here. Most of my crafts have been very close, and HD video of one will shock when seen.

My intention is to merely share and open eyes..I do not wish any harm for my species. We are all in the same boat..but there are not many that have been able to escape the hold we all are in and actually see and experience reality that we have been lied to about.

I do not ask for anything..from anyone..about this..I am only here to share..truth as I have experienced..

My Taken By The Greys Blog and this video are all that I can give for truth for now to you.

I have a lifetime of experiences and I would never lie...just  so I could be attacked verbally..or ridiculed. 
It makes no sense to me as to why in the world people would actually think that I or anyone else that has had a close encounter would make this up..We do not receive fame nor fortune, in fact in some cases it is the extreme as some lose family, friends, jobs.

This entire reality has been well pulled over the eyes of most..One need not be a scientist to see how intertwined we have been with ET through our ENTIRE history..

For anyone that has been involved in close can be life changing. It deserves to be told.
The truth has been covered from all of us for much too long .

I will share soon as I have it. You will know about it all..HERE..first!!


  1. Did you ever consider that the first contact you had maybe they implanted you and that is how you have so many visits from ET.I had a close encounter back around 1999 it was a sphere and then a huge triangle craft,you can read about it on my Blog

  2. Hi Todd

    Thanks for coming forward with this. I am a part of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment and Ramtha recently spoke at great length on this coming event. I will be very interested in learning more of the information that you were seeded with regarding these changes.


  3. Oh, yes. I got some pixs of a HUGE one last nite. Incredible it is! They showed me thru my cam! Got sent to this too I do think. Have a lovely Sunday. :)

  4. once i saw a UFO i belive in alla this things i never have a encounters with anyone but why some people say they have it why no one record with a camara this ET just for get clear the truth i never see a video o some fact to prove this it's real i allways wish get a contact with people from pleyades but give the truth to the time it's a waste you know just waiting to something happend and in this year 2012 nothing happend can chance to the next and to the next ..etc.. i wanna see a real prove with my own eyes i want to get a contac how i can do that to me can be a real motivation im waiting for that since a child cause in some of thats stranges dream fell like reality i saw a mothership and down with a light a realy tall woman dressinng white with long and white hair with big eyes like greys and small mouth with little nose the skin was realy shine you know and she was watching me sititin in chair in the back yard from that house we used to live in baja california sur, la paz mexico and i dont know what was that and if was real i want to see more now how i can do that?

  5. Hi man, great videos, and great blog. I am interested in what you said in your video, namely this celestial event...could this be Nibiru? I mean that is all the buzz these past few years right? Maybe the flyby won't happen in 2012 but within a few years of this date. I am scared for my family's future, i only hope that mankind after the 'Event' can reinvent itself with better ideology's and ethics anyway thanks again love your blog. Check out my channel and drop a line sometime. Link in my username.

  6. sorry link is here:


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